Latest Lean Six Sigma Project Focuses on Student Safety

Dublin City Schools recently conducted a six-week Lean Six Sigma project focusing on crosswalks and crossing guards at the elementary level. The project, led by Coordinator of Operational Excellence Nathan Rohyans, ran from Aug. 17- Sept. 30.

Lean Six Sigma is a managerial philosophy used by many of the world’s leading private sector companies, including many located within our District. It is a data-driven problem solving methodology resulting in an improved process or outcome when deployed correctly.

“In addition to keeping our students safe, the main goal of this study was to examine where the best locations to put crossing guards would be,” said Rohyans.

Over the course of the project, data was tracked for how many elementary students were crossing at the crosswalks. A clicker was used to track how many people walked across each crosswalk. The need for crossing guards at specific crosswalks was studied, as well as various traffic conditions surrounding the crosswalks. Over 1,000 points of data were collected during the study.

Results showed that some crosswalks had significantly more foot traffic than others. The majority of the crosswalks had roughly 30-50 people cross daily, while some only had 5 or 7 people. Due to shifts in population, areas that once were very busy may no longer be necessary for people to use.

“We want to make sure that we are stationing our crossing guards at the most efficient crosswalk locations,” said Rohyans. “Some of these crosswalks are in areas with very heavy traffic, which can be very dangerous.”

By understanding the best areas to place our crossing guards in, we can keep our students safe and maximize efficiency.

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