Recommendation made to stretch three year levy cycle to six years

In November of 2012, the community approved a combined bond and operating issue. Through sound fiscal management, including expenditure reductions in several areas, the  District will be able to stretch its current three year levy cycle to six years.

“As an administrative team, we have discussed the timing of the next ballot initiative and there was considerable thought given to November of 2017,” Dr. Hoadley said. “To be in a position to continue to stretch our levy cycle, while we are adding hundreds of news students each year, speaks highly of our commitment to operating in the most efficient manner possible.”

Expenditure reductions in areas such as insurance costs, electricity contracts, and athletic trainers (while expanding them to the middle school level) have helped contribute to the District’s ability to remain off the ballot until 2018.

While delaying any levy request is a positive for our community, the District’s needs for more schools and a dedicated revenue stream for facility maintenance must be addressed in the relatively near future.

According to the Master Plan developed in 2016, two more elementary schools, a fifth middle school, additions to two of our high schools, and non-traditional high school space will all be needed during the next 10 years. The non-traditional high school space has been obtained in the form of the District’s Emerald Parkway facility. Because we will be retiring the debt on certain schools between 2019 and 2021, the bond issue portion of any ballot initiative could be proposed as no new millage.

In addition to the new schools, many of the District’s current buildings are nearing, or have already surpassed, 30-years in age and will require significant upgrades to roofs, windows, HVAC systems, flooring and more.

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