Board, District officials fight for Dublin City Schools taxpayers

The state sets its share of school funding every two years. This is known as the biennium budget.
The initial biennium budget proposals by the Governor and the House saw the District losing between $4.1-million and $5.1-million over the next two years. The approved House version of the budget now being considered by the Senate sees Dublin City Schools flat funded for the next two years. The biennium budget must become final by July 1.
“Our state funding has been reduced by about $29.5-million since 2006. We have gone from being 19 percent funded by the State to just 9% funded by the state in a nine year period” said Board of Education President Lynn May. “During this same period of time, our enrollment has climbed (over 2,000 additional students) and state requirements have continued to increase. Because our Community has had to step up to the plate, we are asking everyone to make their voices heard on this issue.”
You can contact Dublin City Schools’ State Senators using the contact information below.
Sen. Jim Hughes, Senate Building, 1 Capital Square, 1st Floor, Columbus, OH 43215, 466-5981,
Sen. David Burke, Senate Building, 1 Capital Square, Ground Floor, Columbus, OH 43215 466-8064
Sen. Kris Jordan, Senate Building, 1 Capital Square, Ground Floor, Columbus, OH 43215 466-8086,
The State of Ohio is in possession of a rainy day fund in excess of $1-billion and has taken the position more affluent districts should take care of themselves. We’ve done just that in Dublin City Schools, but it is not simple or easy.
“The major flaw in the state’s assertion that more affluent districts should just take care of themselves is that not everyone in the Dublin City Schools attendance area is affluent. We cannot selectively raise just the taxes of the “wealthy” people. That is not how property taxes work,” May said.

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