We grow thinkers: Building a culture of enrichment

One of the components of the Dublin Difference is our commitment to delivering a world-class education. What does that mean and how does it move from lofty concept to classroom delivery?
The answer lies in a simple, yet powerful instructional focus statement and accompanying instructional goals.
Instructional Focus
Dublin City Schools will implement formative instructional practices to personalize a meaningful and creative learning experience for all students.
What is formative instruction?
Formative instruction is a systematic method used by both teachers and students to create awareness of learning goals, where they are on the journey together to reach those goals, and the steps needed to move from point A to point B. Formative instruction is imperative to a personalized learning experience and works in conjunction with our instructional goals below.
Instructional Goals
1) Dublin City Schools’ educators will establish and communicate relevant learning goals, monitor student progress, and celebrate success for all students.
2) Dublin City Schools’ educators will use diverse, high-quality assessment practices to understand the learning progression for each student.
3) Dublin City Schools’ educators will use assessment results to create differentiated experiences to maximize the learning for all students.
These instructional goals are the same this year as they were last year and they will be the same next year. Public education in general in our country seems to always suffer from changing directions and ideologies, largely imposed by non-educators in the form of state legislatures and federal governments. These constantly moving academic targets can lead to constantly changing instructional delivery methods to meet them. In Dublin City Schools, we’ve adopted instructional goals that can weather changing standards and assessments without disrupting student learning or teacher delivery of world-class instruction. This constancy of philosophy and consistency of world-class instruction delivery apply to all aspects of our efforts to prepare students for college and careers. This richness of educational experience is key to our new K-5 Gifted Services Model.
Following a year of research and collaboration by the members of our Gifted Services Task Force, we are extremely excited about the opportunity to now deliver the new K-5 gifted curriculum.
It is our goal to develop a culture of enrichment. In order to succeed, differentiated instruction must take place every day, all day. Think about how much skill, training, and resolve it takes to be able to deliver what each student in a classroom setting needs, regardless of their abilities or learning styles. Our teachers are more than up this challenge. We are committed to differentiation, to learning about the gifted child, to using a common language when discussing gifted services with parents, to nurturing creativity, and to keep our focus on student interests.
K-3 School-wide Enrichment
The essence of the K-3 grade-wide enrichment service is to grow thinkers through developmentally appropriate challenges.
Students will learn the six habits of thinkers, and be presented projects designed to connect to their interests and readiness levels. There will be opportunities to work on long-term projects designed to develop project management skills, tenacity, and perseverance.
Grades 4-5 Superior Cognitive Service
 The 4-5 superior cognitive service will also focus on thinking skills. Students will learn about the “Habits of the Mind” and develop their understandings about themselves as learners. Students will have the opportunity to develop long-term projects that connect to their unique skills, talents, and interests. Staff will also nurture the social and emotional growth of these students during this critical developmental time in their lives.
The new K-5 services are truly a result of collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to developing our students to be the very best thinkers, learners, and citizens.
I’d like to invite you to join us for one of three public meetings scheduled to present our community with additional details. See below for the schedule.
Sept. 15 – Dublin Scioto High School – 7:00 p.m.
Sept. 22 – Dublin Coffman High School - 7:00 p.m.
Sept. 29 – Dublin Jerome High School - 7:00p.m.
You can also find more information on the new services, at www.dublinschools.net/gifted.aspx.

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