Master Plan

On Dec. 11 2017, the Master Plan Committee presented its work and recommendations to the Dublin City Schools Board of Education. To view the presentation, click on the PDF to the right. A summary of the committee's recommendations are posted below.

Master Plan Committee Summary and Considerations

New construction needs

-Elementary 13 and Elementary 14

-Middle School 5

-Additions to two of our high schools

Why are these new schools and additions needed?

-We have added about 2,400 students over the past 10 years and another 3,000 are expected over the next 10 years.

-By 2022, 17 of our 20 schools will be over capacity. At the elementary level, we will be more than 1,300 students over capacity, the equivalent of two elementary schools.

-The Emerald Campus will help the District avoid the $75-$90-million cost of building a fourth high school and will free up space at our existing three high schools by pulling students to Emerald Campus.

-The District already owns land for the new elementary schools and fifth middle school in Jerome Village and on Bright Road

Maintenance and upkeep at existing facilities

-Approximately $95-million worth of upgrades, maintenance, and equipment replacement is needed at existing facilities.

Recommendations Made to the Board Education

-2019-20 Centralized Preschool open (would relocate central office staff to Emerald Campus 4th Floor. Due to zoning, the 4th floor cannot be used for students)

-2020-21 Elementary 13 and Elementary 14 open

-2021-22 Middle School 5 opens 

-TBD High school additions open

-Keep kindergarten programming as is with students receiving extended services as needed

-No new millage bond issue will fund these schools

-Permanent Improvement (PI) Levy for existing facilities

-Operating levy, Bond Issue, PI = One ask

-Recommend the Board consider a November of 2018 ballot issue

Next Steps

-The Board of Education will consider the committee’s recommendations during the winter/spring of 2018. 


Members of the community gather to hear the District's Master Plan presentation. 

Presentation Video

Master Plan Presentation

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