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 We share about our lives in Room 234 on our class twitter account.  Feel free to follow us and/or click on the link to the right.  It's going to be an amazing year of learning. 
I hope everyone had a relaxing and family fun Thanksgiving holiday. It sure was fun yesterday to listen to all of the different activities that everyone participated in during break. Sounds like everyone was super busy.
I wanted to let you know that today we started our December Gives Back today in class. Each day this week, your learner will be choosing a way to give back in the month of December. Today our focus is giving back to our class/Bailey. I am very excited about their goals that they chose including:
  • a class quote jar (you choose a quote and you put a quote back in the jar) then pass it on
  • helping clean up recess balls, toys etc before lining up for specials
  • donating a book to the classroom and giving a book talk to encourage others to read it
  • cleaning out books at home and donating them to the classroom
  • writing thank you letters to custodians, special area teachers
  • coming in from recess early to help special area teachers
  • helping to clean up in the bathrooms (picking up paper towels)
  • find someone at recess and ask them to play
  • bake cookies and give them to teachers/principal
Wednesday: How to give back at home.
Thursday: How to give back to a friend/younger student at BE
Friday; finish writing goals and post them in our classroom
When your child completes a goal or makes progress toward it, they will put a stamp on their sentence strip to keep track of their progress. It's a very special gift when they bring it home the last week of December to share with you.
In our busy world, I like to slow down in the month of December and remember to give back. We had a great conversation about habits need to be practiced for 30 days. in order to maintain them. I am extremely excited about watching everyone grow ? Maria
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