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Room 127 - Mrs. Robinson's Kindergarten

Welcome to Kindergarten! Use the links on the right to find useful information for learning in kindergarten.
Order books anytime on scholastic.com/bookclubs. Be sure to enter Scholastic Class Code: J3LKV

How do we use the word rings (in blue book bags) 27 words can be overwhelming! Take the words off the ring and ask your child to identify the words he/she can read. Put those back on the ring. Select between 2 to 4 new words to work on and mix into words already known on the ring. Store remaining cards in baggie. When your child has mastered all the new and old words, mix up the cards on the ring. Be sure they are mastered. Then add a few new cards at a time. Check my weekly newsletter for which words we have already worked on in class.

When will my child do addition and subtraction? They already are! Much of the math we do in playing games and doing math tasks provide opportunities to work on the number sense behind addition and subtraction. The symbols + - and = are abstract concepts. We are working on concrete (hands on) and representational (pictures) math initially to build math understanding. Even those who might already be using symbols at home can work on math problem solving techniques, attention to detail, checking work, and using patterns and structures to solve math problems.

What apps can we use on our iPad at home to augment learning? My favorites are “Writing Wizard” where you can build word lists (think sight words) while practicing letter formation. You can also create number lists for number formation practice. When you build lists, you can record the letters and word name “c-a-n, can” to go along with the word. There are a few math apps by “Classroom Focused Software”. I use “Line ‘em Up” to help with teen number identification with a number of students. “10 Frame Fill” is another that I use.

What on-line games do you recommend? See the games here on the right ------> 

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