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Room 127 - Mrs. Robinson's Kindergarten

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Welcome to Kindergarten! Use the links on the right to find useful information for learning in kindergarten.
Order books anytime on scholastic.com/bookclubs. Be sure to enter Scholastic Class Code: J3LKV
Blue Book Bag Program

Student blue book bags contain two books selected by me, and one book selected by the student. The 2 leveled books (or one longer book in some cases) are to be read mostly by the student. Here are tips to starting a new book:

  1. Preview the book, looking at and talking about the cover together and pictures in the book.

  2. On the first page, ask student if there are words they already know (sight words) or words they can figure out from letter clues and pictures.

  3. Read the first page to your child, pointing to the words as you read.

  4. Have student point to words and try to read the second page to you. If the book seems too hard, continue to do step 2 on each page, praising the child for finding the words, and helping your child read the page..

  5. As the week progresses, your student can read more and more of the book. If your child is memorizing the book as the week progresses, remind them the importance of pointing to the words. You can also ask questions such as “how do you know this word says ___?” to draw them back into the text focusing on letter sounds and reading strategies.

  6. Ask questions about the book such as, what was your favorite part? What surprised you? How would you change the ending? Etc.

I know schedules can get busy, so if you need another week with the books, just drop me an email and let me know. Please fill out the reading log each week to track the books read.  You only need to make one entry per week - listing the books in the bag. You may add a note for just right (JR), too hard (TO) or too easy (TE). Remember, reading is both reading the words and the ability to retell a story and answer questions regarding the story. There is also a box for comments. You can share with me successes, if your child enjoyed a certain book or did not like a certain book.


NOTE: You do not need to include comments about the choice book (the book your child selected). Please enjoy this book by reading it to your child.

How to access Tumble Books


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