February 21, 2018

Dear Families,

We have been working on a variety of skills and concepts this last month.  
In math, we are finishing up a quick unit on graphing and we will be heading into fractions soon.  We are also revisiting all of the concepts we have learned this year.  
Book Clubs are the center of attention in reading.  Each group selected a book from some choices that were given to them.  They created a plan of how to complete the reading of the book in the allotted time.  We will be finishing our reading and discussion of these books within the next couple weeks.
In writing we have selected topics on which to write our opinion/pursuasive  writing for this quarter.  We will be wrapping those up by March 9.
Student led conferences have been a focal point these last couple weeks.  This coming week each student will conference with Mrs. B in final preparation for conducting their conference with their parents.  The students are excited to share their learning.  You should have received a confirmation of your conference time on Friday.  If you haven't seen it yet, check backpacks.  If this time will not work for you, please let me know.
We are in our last weeks of social studies.  The students just completed a unit on the US and Ohio state governments.   We will have a quiz on this on Friday.  We will also be moving into the War of 1812 and the role of Ohio in that war.  We will be finishing up with all social studies within the next 3 weeks.  After that, we will be back to science to finish out our year.
A big thanks to all of the parents who assisted with the Valentine's Party.  A GREAT time was had by all!
Thanks and as always, if you have any questions, please let me know.
Julia Barthelmes
4th Grade
Mary Emma Bailey Elementary




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