September 14, 2018

Dear Parents, 
We have been moving right along with our learning.  This week we looked at the 6 historic Indian tribes of Ohio.  Next week we will be doing a quick project related to these tribes. 
In reading we have been working on supporting ideas, opinions, and answers to questions with evidence from the text.  We have been working with both fiction and nonfiction.  Early in the week, each student decided on a book that they would be reading during their independent reading time. 
In writing we have been working on writing paragraphs.  This next week we will be practicing those skills by heading into writing a personal narrative.  We will need to be putting several paragraphs together to tell a story.  In word study we have been looking at plurals and the rules that go with adding s, es, changing the y to i and adding es, or changing an f to a v and adding es.  Next week we will continue our investigation of these rules and start looking at irregular plurals. 
This coming week will be our last week dedicated to addition, subtraction, and rounding.  We will be having a quiz on Friday on these concepts. 

Mr. Wolfe just passed along the information that our iXL license has been renewed.  Thanks Mr. Wolfe!  If your child was enrolled at BES last year, their credentials should still work.  Use this weblink to login.  If your child is new to BES or doesn't remember their user name or password, I will be providing them with that information on Monday. 
On Thursday I shared my wiki with the students.  The students are able to login to the wiki at home as well as at school using their school user name and password.  The wiki isn't fancy, but it does provide a number of links on different topics we will explore during the year. The link to my webpage is at the bottom of the links column. 

I hope you have a glorious weekend!

If you have any questions, please let me know.
Julia Barthelmes
4th Grade
Mary Emma Bailey Elementary




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