Mrs. Janet DiSilvestro

I am the 6th Grade Math and Cog Ed teacher here at OSE. This is my 18th year teaching in Dublin City Schools. For those fifth grade students that qualify, I am the teacher of record for sixth grade math. The Cog Ed class is a service for identified fourth and fifth graders for at least 225 minutes a week. This class focuses on Habits of Mind, Success Skills, and Project Based Learning. We also address social and emotional needs of the highly able student. Finally, I am a resource for any classroom teacher here that might need some suggestions or help finding extension activities to meet the needs of highly able students in their class.
I am also continuing to help with a program called Penny Harvest. This is our sixth year to be involved in this amazing program with See Kids Dream and we have more staff and students involved with the leadership responsibilities. It is a year long service project that gives students main responsibility with decision making and research skills. It teaches students about democracy and citizenship while building leadership and critical thinking skills. There are 3 phases: collecting the money, learn about the needs of the community & the charities that help these needs, and finally deciding how the money should be donated and to whom. I am excited to be a part of this Penny Harvest because it is giving students the opportunity to apply skills of: creative and critical thinking; problem solving, research, and public speaking to real life applications!
This year I am traveling on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the afternoons to              Glacier Ridge Elementary to teach a 5th Grade Cog Ed class there.                                 

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