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Please join Dublin City Schools in our commitment to health & wellness! We, Dublin Employees, are integrating healthy habits into our culture and invite you and your family to use this webpage as a source of education and resources to better your own health. The information is recommended by the DCS Health & Wellness Coordinator, Amanda Spring. Become inspired to be your healthiest, best self!

*If you are a Dublin School Employee, please reference the Simply Healthy Employee Wellness Program Website

Family Wellness Expo

Not Feeling Well? See a Doctor 24/7

LiveHealth Online
This service is available to everyone regardless of insurance coverage. See a doctor on a smartphone or tablet. It's cheaper than going to Urgent Care and can be done at your convenience in the absence of waiting room germs. The cost is $49 for insured and non-insured members. The cost counts towards your deductible and your HSA card can be used to cover cost. 
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Emerald City Half Marathon Discount!

Take advantage of this discount and donate to a good cause! Donate $40 on GOFUNDME.COM under Blake Wersig's name and recieve a code for NO CHARGE registration!  It a win-win!

Post Secondary Students Improving Posture

These Post Secondary students are completing exercises in the classroom that are specific to their posture needs after being assessed by their physical therapist. Stretching our hip flexors can improve our posture so try stretching for 30 seconds 3 times per week. 

Dublin Health & Wellness Coordinator

Our Wellness Website is to emphasize the importance of our health and well-being. Please take advantage of these resources and information in support of your journey to good health.
Amanda Spring
ACSM Clinical Exercise Physiologist
AHA BLS CPR Instructor 
Certified Health Coach
Certified Weight Management Specialist 

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