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UnSelfie Community Book Talk
Dublin and Hilliard City Schools are partnering in several community book talks centered around the book Unselfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World By Michele Borba, Ed.D. Click HERE for dates and registration of the book talks.  These book talks are offered as part of "Be Well: A Parent University Event by Dublin and Hilliard City Schools". To learn more about Be Well, click here
Celebration of Giving
The 5th graders are right in the middle of their Holiday Post Office. This money will be donated to Welcome Warehouse. Students can continue to purchase stamps to mail kindness letters around the school. The post office will end on Dec. 18th. In addition, we have the Welcome Warehouse adopt-a-family program going on. Each grade level has adopted families in need through Welcome Warehouse. Thank you for purchasing items for those families. Students will wrap the gifts for the families on the morning of December 21st. A whole school assembly will occur later that day to celebrate our kindness accomplishment as a school community. We take time to appreciate what we have and celebrate our contribution to the community. The assembly is energetic, upbeat, and a great way to transition to the winter break.  
PTO Holiday Shop - Wed, Dec.19 through Friday, Dec. 21.
The Tiger Trunk will be open during lunchtime next Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (before break). There will be gifts for sale for students to purchase for siblings and friends. Each gift will be wrapped! Students can stop by to see all the holiday gifts for sale. There will be the regular tiger trunk items as well as Santa hats, light up necklaces, jingle bells, snow man slime, fidget spinners, travel games, puzzles, notebooks, elf on the shelf pens and much much more! 
Holiday Post Office Dec. 12th - 18th
The annual GRE Holiday Post Office will start next week. You may have heard your children talk about it. Students can buy stamps to mail kindness letters to students and staff around the building. It is completely run and organized by 5th grade students. All proceeds go to Welcome Warehouse. Do you want to know more about our student-run Holiday Post Office? Click HERE to watch the student-made movie trailer.  
Students try pear cranberry fruit salad Discovery Kitchen

Students participated in trying a new food item this week at GRE.  The district Chartwells chef and nutritionist educated students while providing a free sample of pear cranberry fruit salad.  

Car Line Reminders

GRE Families,

With the increase of cars at arrival and dismissal, it is extremely important that we adhere to a few procedures to ensure the safety of the students and the efficiency of arrival and dismissal.  If you drop off or pick up your child via car, please take time to review each item below.  We thank you for your cooperation and patience. Please notice the BOLDED items, as they are the most pertinent. 

At arrival, please pull away once your child exits the vehicle.  A staff member is on duty to ensure your child gets into the building safely.  

During arrival, cars will get priority during drop off.  The buses will wait until the car line diminishes before attempting to exit the parking lot.  During dismissal, buses will get priority to ensure a prompt bus stop schedule.  As a result, we may stop traffic to release the buses. 

When loading or unloading your child, pull all the way to the marked sign when dropping off/picking up your child. 

       For safety and efficiency, have your child exit the curb (passenger) side of the vehicle.   

When waiting to turn into the GRE parking lot, please do not stop on the cross walk.

When waiting to enter the GRE parking lot, please take turns alternating between the Highland Croy side and the Glacier Ridge Blvd. side, allowing a car from each side to enter. 

Do not negate the drop off/pick up line by passing on the left to enter the parking lot. Please wait in the car drop off/pick up line if you are picking up or dropping of a child in any manner. 

If students are crossing Glacier Ridge Blvd., they should do so at the cross walk where the crossing guard is stationed. 

Do not U turn in the middle of Glacier Ridge Blvd. 

When picking up your child, please have your sign with your last name prominently displayed in your dash window. 

While in the car line in the parking lot, do not drive over the handicapped spots when pulling up to the curb. 

As with everything, please remember to Choose Kind with others. 

Again, thank you for your cooperation and patience. These procedures are for the safety and efficiency of arrival and dismissal.  The arrival and dismissal of more than 700 students is a balancing act and we are able to do so in under ten minutes.  

To report your child's absence,
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