Food Chain and Food Webs

Food Chains

Explore and learn about the different parts of a food chain.
Select from 4 different biomes to create your own food web. You may chooseAustralian Grasslands, African Grasslands, Antarctic and Marine biomes.
Here's the challenge. Can you create a food chain to keep orca alive?
This page of NG Explorer has links to a video about food chains as well as an online quiz about food chains.
Follow the links on this page to find out the differences between food webs and food chains. There is a variety of additional links for more information about the food chain. (Note: The game link will not take you to an online game.)
Read and learn about 4 different food chains: Desert, Coniferous Forest, Deciduous Forest, and Temperate Rainforest.
Read about food chains and food webs. Find dictionaries of related vocabulary. Complete worksheets and quizzes.
Explorer the Mexican ecosystem by building a food web.
View a video about the desert food chain.
Check out the first link on this page to do an activity, review and take an online quize about food chains. There are other links on this page related to living things.
Check out this page for EVEN MORE links to information about food webs and food chains.

Food Webs

Collect some information about the difference between a food chain and a food web. You can create your own food chain.
Information about the different parts of a food web.
Drag the correct part of the food chain into the box to complete the chain.
Start by identifying living things then completing a food web
You will see examples of both food chains and food webs
Explore the food web with this site.
Complete food webs from different biomes
Explorer Meadow, Artic, and Pond food webs. Drag the icons into the correct positions to create food webs.
View text-based website