Enrollment Information

*1st-12th grade registration for the 2020-2021 school year will open up on April 21st, 2020. Please do not schedule an appointment before April 21.
The Welcome Center is located at 5175 Emerald Pkwy, Dublin Ohio, 43017 inside the Emerald Campus. Please park in the visitor's parking lot, which is immediately to the left as you enter the main entrance to the parking lot.
  • Please follow the steps below to complete the online portion of your registration. Once you have completed your online enrollment application, you will be permitted to schedule your registration appointment via the online application. 
Please note: You will need to complete the online enrollment application link below on a desktop computer or laptop computer. Mobile devices such as phones and tablets will not work. 
To begin, please click on the Enrollment button below. You will be instructed to create a login and password which allows you to begin the process, save your information and return at a later date for completion (if necessary). At the time of your registration appointment, please bring ALL required documentation with you to complete the enrollment process for your student. 
Step 1: Complete the online enrollment application.
Step 2: Once you have completed your online enrollment application, you will be permitted to schedule your registration appointment via the online application. An appointment must be scheduled to enroll your child. (If you are enrolling three or more children, please schedule two consecutive appointments).
Please note: If you cannot make your scheduled appointment or need to reschedule, please call Jayne McCullough at 614-760-4343. 
Step 3: Bring all required documentation to your scheduled appointment:


Checklist of required documents for registration appointment:

1. Two of the following for Proofs of Residency:
      •  Electric bill (current bill for service at new address with parent/guardian’s name, address and dates of service)
      •  Gas bill (current bill for service at new address with parent/guardian’s name, address and dates of service)
      •  Monthly water bill (current bill for service at new address with parent/guardian’s name, address and dates of service)
      •  Mortgage statement 
      •  Settlement/closing statement (final document received at closing with signatures of seller and buyer) 
      •  Print out from the County Auditor’s website identifying parent/guardian as the owner of the property 
      •  Real estate tax bill/statement for taxes owed for an address (property owned) 
      •  Deed
      •  Rental agreement – first page of lease/rental agreement (with names of lessee and lessor, address of property, date lease to begin and end) and last page of lease/rental agreement (with signatures of lessor and lessee) 
      •  Voters Registration Card

***If you are currently residing with someone in the Dublin City School District, please select one of the following forms to complete:

A.  Statement of Occupancy (if living with someone in the district who rents their home)

B.  Affidavit for Families Residing with Friends or Relatives (if living with someone in the district who owns their home)

-Forms are available at the Welcome Center to complete during your appointment

-Notaries are available at the Welcome Center during your appointment

2.  Original Birth Certificate or Original Passport

A.    An original birth certificate, or

B.    An original passport (if U.S. passport, must provide original birth certificate)


3.  Photo ID for custodial parent/guardian


4.  Immunization Records 


5.  Divorce/custody documentation (if applicable) – must be court signed and date/time stamped.

 A.  Final divorce decree which may include shared parenting plan or joint custody agreement, naming specific parent as the residential parent/school placement parent.

 B.  Temporary order naming specific custodian/guardian

 C.  Grandparent Power of Attorney

 D.  Military Power of Attorney


6.  TB Test Results must be provided if:

*The child (student) has spent 30 or more consecutive days in a TB-endemic region within the past five years

*The child (student) was born in a TB endemic region. Click here to see an endemic region list.

(TB tests MUST have been done within the past year & have been performed in the United States)


7.  Current IEP (If applicable)

*Individual Education Plan, ETR-Evaluation Team Report, MFE, or 504 Plan

8.  Homeschooled students - If your child was homeschooled during the previous school year and you were not a resident of Dublin, please provide a copy of the letter which released your child from compulsory education.


9.  If you are registering a high school student, please bring an official high school transcript.  If you are registering a middle school student, please bring the student's last report card.


This pre-registration process is provided for families who are living in the Dublin City School District and who want to register their student(s).  Submission of data in this pre-registration website will allow the applicant to streamline the registration process, but it does not guarantee your student has met the requirements for admittance to the Dublin City School District.  Failure to submit all required documentation at the scheduled registration appointment will require you to schedule a second appointment at a later date.  The Welcome Center is located inside the Emerald Campus, 5175 Emerald Parkway, Dublin OH, 43017.

*Children are not required to be in attendance during the registration appointment, but are welcome to attend.

Dublin City Schools Central Registration is located at:
5175 Emerald Parkway
Dublin, Ohio 43017
Office Hours: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday
Important Numbers:
   Main Line (for questions, problems or concerns) : 614-760-6000
   Jayne McCullough: 614-760-4343
   Beth Harrison: 614-760-4320
   Main Fax: 614-761-5856  
As you move through the registration process and need assistance with a language other than English, please email info@dublinschools.net with your language request. Please be sure to include your full name and school(s). 
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