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As we approach class selection for the 2018-19 school year at the high school level, the vision for Dublin City Schools Emerald Campus will be shared with the community in many different ways.

In order to be a world-class organization, Dublin City Schools needs to dedicate resources to staying on the cutting edge of technology, workforce development, educational methodologies, and the latest, best thinking on a wide variety of topics.
Kristy Venne, director

At the Emerald Campus, our focus will be to empower students to take ownership of their learning and future. We will offer a variety of innovative and unique educational options to meet the individual interests and needs of students beyond the traditional classroom through our Career Exploration Academies. In addition to the academies listed below, many other academies will be developed as we go forward.

Next year, we will offer the academies listed below at the Emerald Campus.


Thinking Beyond the Traditional High School

Biomedical Academy
Biology processes are used to teach science concepts for deeper learning, problem based learning, relationship building and collaboration, culminating in a year-long research project. This program provides career exploration opportunities in a medical career. Courses include AP Biology, Body Systems, Medical Interventions, and Advanced Research in Science. Additionally, students will earn an elective credit in 3D Art with works related to human anatomy and physiology.

Dublin Business Academy

Students have a unique opportunity to get started on the path to a successful career in business, graphic design, or entrepreneurship, by operating an existing, full-service screen-printing and design company. Students also have the opportunity to participate in paid internships after school, on weekends, or during the summer.

Dublin Teachers Academy

This program is offered for college bound students to provide an opportunity to get a head start on the path to a successful career in education. Junior students will experience guest speakers, site visits, and action research. Senior students will be placed in internships guided by experienced teachers in the areas of early-childhood, adolescent, and special needs classrooms.

Engineering Academy
Students learn university and industry standard software packages in 3D design, programming and circuitry. Courses include the Fundamentals of Engineering, Computers, Electronics, and Control Systems. The one-year program culminates with a capstone project.

IT Academy
Students in grades 10-12 will explore software development through a combination of courses in programming languages, web design, databases, and more with the opportunity to earn up to 18 hours of college credit. Students are able to participate in an internship with a local business, visit local IT businesses, and hear from professionals in the field.

Young Professionals Academy

Students participate in two interest-based professional internship experiences in order to develop the critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving skills required for success in college and careers. In this academy, students will create a resume and engage in practice interviews with local business professionals.