Global Scholars Program

In today's increasingly interconnected world, it is important to prepare students to compete in the global economy. To be college and career ready, all students must master today's essential 21st Century Skills including global awareness, critical-thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration and creativity.

Given that fact, Dublin City Schools is now offering a district-wide Global Scholars Educational Travel Program to complement our curriculum. We believe that with the addition of these international opportunities, we will be offering our students the ultimate combination of knowledge and first-hand experiences to produce globally minded, career-focused citizens. Collaborating with us in this initiative, we have chosen EF Education First -  The World Leader in International Education. This world-wide company has long believed, as we do, that students and educators must understand the world around them, from cultures and languages to economic and social systems.  We are aligned in our work around 21st century learning, and together we have created this educational opportunity for you and your students.
Global Scholars educational travel costs include lodging, breakfasts and dinners, airfare, and chaperone. Costs may vary depending upon when students register to reserve their spot on a trip.

2019-20 Dublin City Schools Travel Program

Group LeaderTour NameTour WebsiteTour Description
Laura FlahertyEngland, Ireland & Wales, cathedrals, coastlines and countrysides are your classroom for this unforgettable journey. The British Isles have inspired imaginations for centuries. From the rolling, rugged beauty of the Ring of Kerry to magnificent man-made cathedrals like St. Patrick's in Dublin and Shakespeare's birthplace in Stratford, you'll feel the spirits of history by your side every step of the way.
Rebecca AllenExperience Japan is an island nation of contrasts. Neon lights pulse and shine on century-old temples, monks walk alongside anime cosplayers, and Zen meditation is practiced in the same parks that people take selfies. It may sound chaotic, but Japan has perfected the balance of ancient and modern. A better understanding of Buddhism and Shinto, higher truth, or just a measure of inner peace await you on this meditative journey through the tranquil side of Japanese culture.
Randy Slack & Beth WillerCommunity Development in Peru's Mountain Villages Sustainable. Unforgettable
High up in the mountains where rolling greens lead to snow-capped peaks, you’ll journey into the remote villages surrounding Cuzco. As you explore the heart of Inca civilization, you’ll learn how locals preserve history, art and heritage, while also gaining insight into the challenges they face. Working together with community members, you’ll build long-term solutions to support economic sustainability, agriculture and access to education. As you foster meaningful relationships within the community, you’ll celebrate customs and help empower a village for generations to come.
Kari CurtisDiscover the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic offers a seamless blend of tropical terrain, rich history, and heritage. From evergreen rainforests, to idyllic oceanside villages, and bustling city squares, you’ll explore colorful island life from a local perspective, gaining a sense of community as you visit an environmental school and art nonprofit.
Stacey WilhelmGreece & Italy experience of a lifetime is waiting for you. Every detail from the cities you'll stay in to the cultural discoveries you'll make have been customized by your teacher for your group. Take a look at your personal itinerary for a sneak peek of what's in store.

Global Scholars Educational Travel Handbook

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