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    Dublin City Schools believes all students can learn and succeed.  We are committed to providing customized educational programs, which meet the needs of learners who can achieve greater success utilizing a non-traditional educational experience. Students are provided with a variety of educational options that can lead to graduation and are supported by services for the student and their immediate family that are essential to success.

    • Flexible scheduling of academic coursework
    • Small student-to-teacher ratios
    • On-site support services, including assessments by a mental health professional, mental health services, & career/post-secondary counseling
    • An emphasis on engaging parents in their child’s education
    • Strong collaboration among community organizations
    • Mentoring connections
    • Community citizenship
    • Services to support return to the regular classroom
    • Credit Recovery online curriculum
    • Customized goal setting
    • Greenhouse, garden, construction, service-learning, career exploration, volunteering, site visits, service trips, field trips, etc..

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