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About Student Well-Being

  • Ensuring safety, providing opportunities, offering choice, and maximizing learning for every student are the highest priorities for all of us in Dublin City Schools.  

    In order to achieve these goals, students must feel physically and emotionally safe and feel a sense of belonging to their school.  When students experience these, the stage can be set for them to reach their full potential. We focus on the whole child, and doing so requires all of us to be aware, in tune, and responsive to the social and emotional well-being of the students that we serve.

    Preparing students to be responsible, productive, caring, and engaged citizens is not a new goal for educators. In this post-pandemic environment, now, more than ever, we must ensure that the students of Dublin City Schools have the support and resources that are needed for them to be healthy and successful. We look forward to partnering with our parents to foster the growth and development of our future leaders and citizens.