We Grow Thinkers

Gifted Education


    K-5:  Gifted students, along with all students, will be served through whole grade enrichment with a focus on developing thinking skills of all learners, with an emphasis on “WE GROW THINKERS!” Differentiated instructional strategies will also be incorporated into the regular classroom setting on a routine basis in order to meet the needs of all students.  

    4th and 5th Grade Pullout service for cognitively gifted students: Students who have a superior cognitive gifted identification will participate in this class facilitated by the Gifted Intervention Specialist (GIS). Students will meet approximately 200 minutes each week (two to five days per week) with their cognitively gifted peers to further develop their life long learning skills with an emphasis on the following: Habits of Mind, 21st Century Thinking Skills, and Problem Based Learning. These students will also be cluster grouped within their regular classroom setting to support their needs as cognitively gifted learners. Placement into this gifted service is based upon a superior cognitive abilities gifted identification on an Ohio Department of Education approved ability assessment.

    Middle School Gifted Services:  The Gifted Intervention Specialist (GIS) at each of our four middle schools leads a trimester elective course which will further support the academic and social-emotional growth of cognitively gifted students. Qualifying students will have a cognitive gifted identification on an approved ability assessment. Students who have moved into Dublin Schools and have not participated in testing in Dublin must provide a qualifying score that is no more than 24 months old.  Gifted identified reading students in grades 7 & 8 will be supported in their English Language Arts class through a cluster grouping model supported by a GIS.  Seventh and eighth grade ELA teachers will be participating in district led gifted education professional development meeting the requirements of ODE’s gifted operating standards for service.  Each of these students will have a WEP within their ELA digital portfolio.   Students who have a gifted identification and are recommended for or self-select placement into 8th grade Physical Science also receive gifted service. This placement is considered a subject acceleration and students receive a Written Acceleration Plan (WAP).  

    Accelerated Math 5-6: Students who meet the multiple criteria measures for placement into this accelerated 5th grade math experience will cover 6th grade mathematics curriculum while extending and enriching the 5th and 6th grade mathematics content.

    Accelerated Math 7-8: Students may be recommended for or self select placement into this accelerated 7th grade math experience which will cover two years of mathematics curriculum in one year. Math content will include both the 7th and 8th grade content and will include rigorous pacing. 

    High School 9th - 12th grades: Honors, Advanced Placement, Academic Academies, and International Baccalaureate classes are available along with additional educational options such as credit flex and college credit plus. 

    Subject Acceleration is an option that allows qualified students the opportunity to move ahead one or more grade levels in a particular subject area.

    Whole Grade acceleration is the option of allowing a qualified student to move ahead one entire grade level. The student must be exceptional in all subject areas and show appropriate social maturity to move ahead one grade level. Dublin City Schools follows guidelines through the Ohio Department of Education with the use of the Iowa Acceleration Scale for evaluation of a student who is referred for acceleration.

    Early Entrance to KG/1st grade is an option of allowing qualified students the opportunity to enter either Kindergarten or 1st grade earlier than their age equivalent peers. The student must meet the criteria established by the Ohio Department of Education and the Iowa Acceleration Scale.



    Marge Mulcahy

    Gifted Services Coordinator



    Kim Evans 

    Administrative Secretary



    Margaret Robinson, Bailey Gifted Intervention Specialist


    Margaret Robinson, Chapman Gifted Intervention Specialist


    Laurie Dieter, Deer Run Gifted Intervention Specialist


    Meghan Sparks, Depp Gifted Intervention Specialist


    Michelle Gdovin, Glacier Ridge Gifted Intervention Specialist


    Erica Kelley, Glacier Ridge Gifted Intervention Specialist


    Michael (Mac) McNeil, Hopewell Gifted Intervention Specialist


    Kari Kinder, Indian Run Gifted Intervention Specialist


    Erica Kelley, Olde Sawmill Gifted Intervention Specialist


    Katie Smith, Pinney Gifted Intervention Specialist


    Kari Kinder, Riverside Gifted Intervention Specialist


    Michael (Mac) McNeil, Scottish Corners Gifted Intervention Specialist


    Meredith Young, Thomas Gifted Intervention Specialist


    Meredith Young, Wright Gifted Intervention Specialist


    Laurie Dieter, Wyandot Gifted Intervention Specialist



    Krista Schriner (CogEd), Davis Gifted Intervention Specialist


    Nicole Noteman (CogEd), Grizzell Gifted Intervention Specialist



    Katherine Young (CogEd), Karrer Gifted Intervention Specialist



    Lynnea Johnson (CogEd), Sells Gifted Intervention Specialist