Emerald Campus History and Design

  • Student Input

     Students at Idea Wall

    The design process of Emerald Campus began with a focus on the end users:  our students.  In the fall of 2017, current academy and program students were invited to tour the building and imagine the possiblities.  Idea walls and collaborative thought webs on the existing walls, grew as student ideas and dreams were funneled to the design team in the winter of 2017 and 2018.  Much of the collaborative space seen around the EC is a direct result of our student input.

    Community Collaboration 

    Design Team Image

    The design process continued in the winter of 2017 with a focus on students and learning.  Current staff members, district administrators, parents, and community member were invited to tour the building and brainstorm.  Idea walls, collaborative public thought webs on the existing walls, grew as ideas were recorded, captured, and eventually funneled to the design team.

    Design Process

    Brainstorming Image

    Design Team members who volunteered to participate committed to engaging in human centered design thinking to create the most flexible, visually pleasing, cost effective, and comfortable ideal learning environments. There were two requirements to participate on this team: First: Open-mindedness in listening and considering the ideas of others with comfort in voicing your opinion and Second: Committed to attend all the planning meeting dates and provide input and ideas.

    Design Board Image

    The Emerald Campus Design Team was led by Emerald Campus director Kristy Venne, Alumni Director Keyburn Grady, and Facility Operations director Chelena McConnell. The team met four times as a full group and several times virtually and in-person in-between for planning sessions in January and February of 2018. The design work culminated with a grand opening ceremony on August 10, 2018 where ideas and dreams were seen and tangible as the Emerald Campus welcomed our first group of Academy and Program students into its collaborative learning spaces in the fall of 2018.