Emerald Campus FAQ's

  • Q. What time is/are my class period(s) at Emerald Campus?

    • The period schedule for Emerald Campus is slightly different than the schedule for the 3 high schools to allow time for students to transition between buildings.
    • For the 20-21 school year, the Emerald Campus will run a 0-8 period day for all programs. 
    • Please check our EC schedule page for the exact times.
    • The student schedules in progressbook tell the time period or frame of time for each class at Emerald Campus.
    • For classes at Emerald Campus, the student schedules should reflect a travel period blocked in with EC classes.
    • If the schedule does not allow adequate travel time, but are only missing a few moments at one building or the other, please make arrangements with the teachers affected.  
    • If this is not possible, and the time missed in class is to substantial, notify the appropriate school counselor to discuss options. Every effort is made to create personalized schedules for students, but at times the difficult decision must be made to drop a class that just doesn’t fit.
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  • Q. What are the attendance procedures at Emerald Campus?

    If a student needs to leave Emerald Campus while scheduled to be there, they should take the following steps:

    • Alert their teacher as soon as they know of the absence.
    • Show teacher the note from their parent/guardian the day of the absence as a pass to leave class.
    • Show the front desk secretary at Emerald Campus the note to leave the day of the absence; sign out on tablet at front desk.
    • Turn in the parent/guardian note (and doctor’s note, if applicable) to their home high school attendance office within 24 hours of the absence. The home high school attendance office maintains all official student records.

    If a student arrives late to Emerald Campus, they are to sign-in on the attendance tablet at the Emerald Campus school front desk (desk on right side). A class admittance pass will then be issued and the teacher will allow students to enter class. This process is to ensure attendance records are accurate at the student’s home high school.

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  • Q. What is the re-entry and/or exit procedure from the home high school building?

    • Students should only exit out the main attendance door when leaving their home high school.
    • Students should enter the attendance door and sign-in when returning to their home high school.
    • Students should only leave EC through the main entrance located off the lobby.  Other exits are available in the case of an emergency, but should not be used by students on a regular basis.  This includes the cafeteria door that connects to the vestibule, which again is for emergencies only.
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  • Q.  What about parking at the Emerald Campus?

    • All information about Emerald Campus parking is available on our EC parking page.
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  • Q. How do student access badges work at Emerald Campus?

    • All students enrolled in classes at Emerald Campus will be issued an access badge shortly after the add/drop date for use during the current semester/school year. The access badge allows entry into the building as well as entrance through the turnstiles, a timestamp security measure unique to EC.
    • The access badge allows entry only through the main front doors. There is a badge reader on the interior doors where students will swipe their badge to unlock the doors to enter the building.
    • In order to access the teaching and learning areas on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors, students must again swipe their badge to enter the turnstiles.  The badge reader is on the right-hand side of the turnstile and displays a green rectangle where the badge is to be scanned.
    • There is a $20 lost card fee. If students lose a badge, they should see the front desk EC receptionist to sign in for the day and arrange to order a new badge.  
    • Assigned badges must be turned in at the end of the school year or end of the EC course.  Students not returning the badge at the end of the year will also be assessed the $20 fee to their student account.
    • Student access to the building is from 6:30am to 3pm.
    • Here is a video demonstrating how to use the turnstiles. We will also have a training period of time to help students learn to use their badges and the turnstiles.
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  • Q. When will I eat lunch if I am at the Emerald Campus?

    All students attending Emerald Campus will eat lunch at either their home high school or Emerald Campus.  A lunch should be on each student schedule.  If a time does not appear on a student’s schedule, please check with the appropriate school counselor to have a lunch added or designate a time in the day to eat lunch.

    • If a schedule says “EC Travel/Lunch” that means the student is scheduled to eat at Emerald Campus and then travel back to their home school in the time period shown.   If riding the shuttle, please check the posted shuttle times and plan appropriately in order to make the transportation back to the home high school.
    • There are two dining areas at Emerald Campus; the Atrium and the Cafe. Please eat in one of these designated spaces; these areas are equipped with adequate seating, solid floors, trash cans, and attention to a clean eating area.
    • Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are available at Emerald Campus in the new cafe space located next to the main lobby. It is set-up “scan and go” style and food is available at all times. Students can use their school lunch account number to purchase food.
    • Included in the options are: grab-and-go-lunches and sandwiches, salads, pizza, snacks, ice cream.  Breakfast includes items such as muffins, fruit, etc.  An exciting addition is also a Starbucks coffee station.
    • Students are welcome to pack food if preferred.
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  • Q. Can a student stay at the Emerald Campus if they have extra time between Emerald Campus and my home high school classes?

    There are several supervised areas at Emerald Campus if a student has extra time in their schedule:

    • Quiet Study Area
      • Dublin Union - 1st floor of Emerald Campus
    •  Collaborative Work Areas
      • Orange & Teal Commons - 2nd floor of Emerald Campus
      • CCP & IB Commons - 3rd floor of Emerald Campus
    • Food Areas
      • Atrium - 1st floor of Emerald Campus
      • Cafe - 1st floor of Emerald Campus
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  • Q. Can a student go to their home high school if they have extra time between Emerald Campus and my home high school classes? 

    • In the event that Emerald Campus is not a convenient option for this time of the day, students may choose to stay at their home high school.  Students choosing to stay at the home high school, must do one of the following:
      • Coffman: report to the Coffman Library and sign in for attendance.
      • Jerome: report to the Jerome Commons and sign in for attendance.
      • Scioto: report to the Scioto Cafeteria and sign in for attendance.
    • Once the CCP classes start, students can choose one of the options above for the days they do not need to report.


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  • Q. Does Emerald Campus have a clinic?

    • Yes! The clinic is staffed full time by a registered nurse.
    • It is located in the PATHS hallway on the first floor of the building.
    • Students should let their teacher know before visiting the nurse.
    • The nurse will be in contact with students’ home school clinic to maintain consistent records.
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  • If you have a question that is not answered on this website, please email us at: emeraldcampus@dublinschools.net

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