• Shuttle Schedules

    Shuttles run between the high school and Emerald Campus.  Please see the shuttle schedules below for specific pick-up and drop-off times.

    Due to the adjusted bell schedule at the high school level on Wednesdays, the shuttle schedule is also adjusted.  Please see both schedules below.


Regular Shuttle Schedule - High School and Emerald Campus
Wednesday Only Shuttle Schedule - High School and Emerald Campus
  • Frequently asked questions-

    Will the bus pick me up from home and drop me off at Emerald Campus?

    Buses are not planned to run directly from home to Emerald Campus. If students ride a bus from home to school, they will still follow that same routine to their home high schools, but then they will board the shuttle bus to EC.   

    Where do shuttles pick up at the home high schools?

    Shuttles pick up and drop off students out in front of their home high school building (locations indicated in the shuttle schedule).