Emerald Campus Bell Schedules

Regular and Wednesday bell schedules for 21-22

  • Frequently Asked Questions-

    The period schedule for Emerald Campus is slightly different than the schedule for the 3 high schools to allow time for students to transition between buildings. 

    The student schedules show 0.2, 1.1, 1.2, etc.

    For classes at Emerald Campus, the student schedules should reflect a travel period (or an open segment). If the schedule does not allow adequate travel time, please see your home school counselor to make adjustments.  Every effort is made to create personalized schedules for students, but at times the difficult decision must be made to drop a class that just doesn’t fit.

    What if I have zero period on my schedule?

    • There will be no zero period this year.  If there is a 0.1 period this may be a placeholder for students that have classes that do not meet in person.