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  • The International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme is a rigorous college preparatory course of study respected by leading universities across the globe. In the program, students will develop intercultural understanding, open-mindedness, and the attitudes necessary to respect and evaluate a range of points of view. Starting in August of 2019, all of Dublin City School's IB Programme courses will be offered at the Emerald Campus.

    IB students are prepared for a rapidly evolving and increasingly global society through participation in courses in six subject groups.

    IB Course Subject Groups:

    Group 1.      English Language and Literature

    Group 2.      Language Acquisition

    Group 3.      Individuals and Societies (Social Studies)

    Group 4.      Experimental Sciences

    Group 5.      Mathematics

    Group 6.      The Arts and Electives

    Students may choose to participate in the full IB Diploma program or single courses. An IB Diploma is earned with the successful completion of a course in each of the 6 group subjects, culminating assessments, and the required IB Core (including TOK - Theory of Knowledge, CAS - Creativity Activity Service, and an Extended Essay).

    The IB Program is available to students during the last two years of high school (11th and 12th grades).  Benefits of program participation include high-level preparation for college or a career, strong critical thinking and writing skills, and an opportunity to apply knowledge to solve issues of local and global importance. 

    Regardless of a student’s choice to participate in the full IB Diploma or take individual IB courses, all students are REQUIRED to complete all of the prescribed IB assessments for each IB course they take. There is an IB subject fee that is associated with the multiple IB assessments for each IB course. All IB fees are due in the fall of the first year of a course.

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