• To report an absence or late arrival, please call the Grizzell Middle School Attendance Line at 614-718-8600

    or email the Grizzell Attendance Office at  gmsattendance@dublinschools.net


    For early dismissal, please have your child bring a note to the office where he/she will be given a blue pass to leave at the scheduled time. 


    My daughter has an orthodontist appointment at 10:30 tomorrow.

    Have your daughter bring a note from you to the front desk prior to homebase on the day of the appointment. She will receive a pass to get out of class and the teachers will be emailed who is leaving at what time that day. Your child will be waiting in the office for you when you arrive.

    My son’s braces have a broken wire and I just called to get him an appointment at 1:00 today.

    Plan an extra 10-15 minutes in your travel time and go to the main office to sign him out and one of the secretaries will call the classroom to notify the teacher you are here. 

    My son has an eye dr appointment at 8:00am and will be late to school.

    Call the Attendance Hotline at 614-718-8600 to report the absence. Attendance is taken in first period class so if your child is not there, they will be marked absent. If you do not call the Attendance Hotline the District’s automated system will call, email and text you to locate your child. When arriving at school your son can sign himself in provided he has a note from the doctor or you. If you did not get a doctor note you can come to the office and sign for their absence. Even if you call, the absence will remain Unexcused until documentation is provided. 

    My child is allowed to bring her friend home on the bus with her tonight.

    We need something in writing from EACH parent that this is permissible. The students should bring their notes to the front desk in the morning to pick up a Bus Pass. Bus drivers are instructed not to let different riders on their bus without a pass from the office so please make sure your child has a note.

    My child is not feeling well, but I can't pick him up right now, can a friend pick him up for me?

    Of course, however, the friend should be added to your child's Emergency Medical Authorization.  You can do that by clicking here. For the safety of all involved, we can only release children to adults for whom the parents have provided written permission via the parent dashboard.  You may add individuals and/or update your personal information on dashboard at any time.