About Dublin City Schools

  • The Dublin City School District consists of 47 square miles and parts of Columbus, Hilliard, Upper Arlington, Delaware County, and Union County. Contrary to a popular notion, the boundaries of the Dublin School district extend far outside the city of Dublin. In fact, more than 40% of our students live outside the city of Dublin.

    The District remains committed to the dual goals of excellence and equity.

    Dublin City Schools works everyday to provide our students with world-class instruction and a well-rounded education and to continuously improve in everything we do. It is our goal to align our daily work around these concepts in order to create the Dublin difference.

    The district is one of Ohio's highest achieving districts.

    According to Ohio Department of Education statistics, Dublin City Schools is the 10th largest district in the state.

    Among the 10 largest Districts in the state, Dublin City Schools has an average ACT score of 25.7 and has had the most National Merit Seminalists in Ohio for the past four years in a row

    Dublin City Schools has more than 1,800 English Learners (EL), speaking more than 70 different languages and is the 6th largest EL program in the state of Ohio.

    Of the 10 largest districts in the state, Dublin City School District's minority population of 33.4% trails only the large urban communities of Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Akron and Toledo.

    • 19 schools in operation; 3 high schools, 4 middle schools, and 12 elementary schools housing seven preschools
    • 2019-20 enrollment exceeds 16,300

    Food Services

    Food Services prepares and serves 8,200 Lunches Per Day = 1.4 million per year

    10,000 Slices of Pizza a Month are made
    (that is 1,703 lbs of dough which is about the weight of 8 baby elephants!)

    Approx 128,000 oz of milk is distributed per day - this is equivalent to milking over 160 cows a day!

    Support Staff

    Custodians clean over 2 million square feet a day = Approx 24 million sf a year

    Each custodian completes 12,000-15,000 steps in an 8 hour work day

    Approx 300 Rolls of TP are replaced in a day = if rolled out in length that is over 3 miles of TP


    Each school day there are 134 buses on the road and we have an additional 12 spare buses.

    There are a total of 4,113 bus stops, so we make 8,226 stops per day (AM and PM), and over the course of a 178-day school year we make more than 1,400,000 stops

    We drive 8,566 miles per day transporting students to and from school, which works out to 1.6 million miles each school year. This means we drive the distance to the moon and back more than 3 times.

    On average, we drive 8,890 students each morning to school and home again in the afternoon, and it costs about $862 per student per year to do this.

    In addition to all this "normal" driving, we also drive students and staff on more than 3000 field trips each year, which includes all of our academic trips, athletic trips, and trips for clubs and competitions. Those trips add almost 154,000 miles to our annual total.

    • Highest average ACT score (25.7) of top 10 largest districts in Ohio
    • Dublin City Schools had the most National Merit Semifinalists in Ohio for the fourth straight year: 34
    • All three Dublin City Schools high schools are ranked in top 35 in Ohio according to U.S. News and World Report and all were ranked nationally.
    • More than 80% of the class of 2017 will have taken an Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate course upon graduation.
    • Dublin City Schools students attend some of the world’s best universities and colleges. More than 90% of our graduates attend a four-year institution.
    • Dublin City Schools offers nine career exploration academies to our high school students. The Dublin Business Academy, the Young Professionals Academy, the Dublin Teachers Academy, the Biomedical Academy, the Engineering Academy, the IT Academy, the Sports Science Exercise Academy, the Start Up Academy, and the Cyber Academy