Coffman Guidance Philosophy

  • Guidance is for all students.  The focus of the guidance program is to provide experience to ensure that every student progresses toward fulfillment of his/her educational, personal and career goals.  We also believe that parents are an essential component in the educational planning for their student.  The high school program is a coordinated plan, based on stated goals and delineated student competencies.
    Dublin Coffman High School has six counselors located in the Guidance Center. All school counselors are available to help students with problems they may have. If there is a problem a student wishes to discuss with a particular counselor, he or she should feel free to ask for an appointment with that individual. Students are welcome to make arrangements for an appointment before school, during study periods, after school or at any other mutual agreeable time. Counselors are assigned.

Guidance Counselors

  • Mrs. Burton - (A-CE)
    Mrs. Brothers - (CF-GO)
    Mr. Tolber - (GP-LAM) 
    Mrs. Ewing - (LAN-O)
    Mr. Patton - (P-SK)
    Mrs. Sutherland - (SL-Z)

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