Newsletter - 1/21/22

  • 8th Grade Newsletter for January 21, 2022

    Physical Science: Mrs. Chandler & Miss McCauley  – Physical Science students will be learning about the Big Bang and origin of the universe.

    Science 8: Mrs. Chandler, Miss McCauley & Mr. Miller – Mrs. Chandler’s Science 8 students will be working on their Amazing Race Plate Tectonics Project and learning about divergent plate boundaries. Mrs. Chandler and Mr. Miller will continue to look at plate boundaries - there is a quiz this week!

    Algebra 1:

    • Mrs. KeatingWrap up rational exponents with an assessment
    • Mr. YoungWrap up rational exponents with an assessment

    Math 8:

    • Mrs. KeatingContinue with Exponents
    • Mr. PulsinelliContinue to explore linear equations and begin to investigate exponents.

    Geometry: Mr. PulsinelliFinish quadrilateral discovery with two-column and coordinate proofs. 

    ELA: Mrs. Kurtz, Mrs. Ames, & Mrs. MeierAfter bulding background for Night, we will begin Night and apply reading strategies to understand this complex text. We continue to approach this book with empathy and sensitivity. 

    Social Studies: Mr. Anglea, Mrs. Albert, Mrs. WilchStudents will be wrapping up their unit on the Constitution. In addition, students will begin learning about the important rights and freedoms protected by the Bill of Rights and explain why those freedoms are important in their own lives. Please check Schoology for more information.

    Spanish 1: Mrs. BussStudents will continue reading the novel (Berto y sus buenas ideas), as well as learning about El Museo de Prado (famous museum in Madrid). Students will also continue talking about what people like to do and why, using the verb gustar (to like).

    French 1: Mrs. McLaughlinThis week, we continue in our unit “La Nouvelle Élève” (The new student).  There is a reading assessment on Friday, Jan 21. 

    STEM (Gateway to Technology) Mrs. WilliamsStudents will complete work in the first section, What is Automation & Robotics?, of our Automation & Robotics Unit.  Please see Schoology for course updates and assignment due dates.

    Technology Solutions Mrs. WilliamsStudents will complete work on their second unit, Engineering Design.  Students will be creating a house using Sketchup.  VIDEO OF WALKTHROUGH WITH VOICEOVER is due Thursday.  Please email your video to Mrs. Williams upon completion.  Please see Schoology for course updates and assignment due dates.

    Physical Education: Ms. Nighbert & Mr. HilleryWe finished playing floor hockey and will start team handball. This is an Olympic sport that involves throwing a ball into a goal. 


    • Mr. Huesman – In 8th grade Health this week, we will continue to work through our reproduction unit.  Have a great week!
    • Mrs. Cockrell – We will continue to work through our human growth and development unit. This week will discuss healthy vs unhealthy vs abusive relationships, date rape and consent. Have a great week! 

    Choir: Mrs. Campbell We are sight reading in e minor, singing the Wordless Canon, and continuing in our concert music. For music theory, we will be learning to find “do” in any key. 

    Art: Mrs. Brown – All-Year art students are experimenting with using light-colored media on a dark background after discussing the art of VInvent Van Gogh.  Trimester students are creating custom clay mugs!