Newsletter - 1/21/22

  • 7th Grade Newsletter for January 21, 2022

    Science: Mr. Cline, Miss Marshall, and Mrs. Beekman – Science students will be learning about how heat gets transferred in the atmosphere through convection, conduction and radiation.  We will probably have a quickcheck on Wednesday, January 26th.

    Social Studies: Mrs. Charbel, Mrs. Bowers, and Mrs. AlbertStudents will begin the study of the Middle Ages. The first topic of study will focus on the geography of the area along with terms related to this time period.

    Language Arts: 

      • Ames, Dennison, Eifert, Keefer, Kinzig, Warnecke In both Reading and Writing workshops, we will continue to focus on informational texts. As a reminder students are expected to read their Independent Reading Books outside of class. Please check Schoology for specific assignments and due dates.
      • Mrs. Taylor – We will continue to work in small word study groups to target individual word learning needs. Students will also work on refining their independent reading notes, as well as tackle a new Article of the Week focused on how sections of an article contribute to the whole.
    • Warnecke/Dennison- We will continue to analyze nonfiction text structures. Students will also be working on their independent reading goals, as well as beginning their mythology infographic project. 

    Math 7: Mrs. Hudson and Mrs. Keir – Students will finish equations and begin learning about inequalities. Reminder to continue working on MATHia. 

    Math 7/8: Mrs. Hudson and Mrs. Keir – Students will finish transformations and begin our next topic. Reminder to continue working on MATHia. 

    Math 8: Mr. Young – We will be exploring systems of equations. Students will verify their understanding of graphing by solving systems using other methods. 

    Algebra 1

    • Mrs. Keating – Wrap up rational exponents with an assessment
    • Mr.Young – Wrap up rational exponents with an assessment


    • Mr. Huesman – In 7th grade Health this week, we will continue to work through our stress unit.  Have a great week!
    • Mrs. Cockrell – Officer Evans will join our class this week. She will teach students the Drugs Abuse Prevention Program (D.A.P.P.)  unit, focusing on laws, internet safety, assertive communication and drug prevention and awareness. Have a great week! 

    Art: Mrs. Brown – Students are learning about the importance of coral reefs as they sculpt their own coral reef out of clay.

    Choir: Mrs. Campbell We are sight reading in G Major, learning about Vocal Anatomy, and continuing in our new music.