Newsletter - 1/21/22

  • 6th Grade Newsletter for January 21, 2022


    • Mr. Levine –Students take a cells’ quiz on Tuesday.  Then students will start the matter unit.
    • Mrs. Bishop and Mrs. Beekman – We wrap up our cell newsletter and begin our unit on matter!


    • Math 6 (Albert, Gordon, Voytko) – There is a quiz over percentages on Tuesday 1/25.  Students received their study guide for the quiz on Friday 1/21 and will need to complete it and get feedback from the edpuzzle before the quiz Tuesday.  The next unit of study will be on converting between units and unit rates. 
    • Math 7 (Gordon) – We will start our unit on Expressions and Equations. Students will explore evaluating algebraic expressions and finding equivalent expressions. 
    • Math 7/8 (Voytko) – We will be working with the pythagorean theorem and then moving to triangle similarity.  

    Language Arts

    • Mrs. Magistrale and Mrs. Hull – In reading, students will continue exploring nonfiction signposts to closely read nonfiction texts. In writing, students will continue exploring the topic of activism, refine their note-taking practice, and begin to focus on a specific subtopic.
    • Mrs. Dennison – Students will begin exploration of the research unit with a focus on paraphrasing and direct quoting.
    • Miss Hamilton and Ms. Wolf Students will continue to work on their literary analysis essays.  They will also begin exploring a new set of Latin roots.

    Social Studies: Mrs. Bowers, Mr. Snyder, Mrs. Ziraldo – Students will continue their learning over Ancient China. Students will learn about the Great Wall, Emperor Chen, and Chinese contributions. Students will end the week with a small project over Chinese inventions.

    Modern Literacy: Mrs. Taylor – Students will continue our HTML unit in, including debugging. They will also have time to work on their independent projects for their portfolios.

    Art: Mrs. Brown – Students are experimenting with clay as they build cupcake containers to store their treasures in.

    Choir: Mrs. Campbell – We are sight reading in different time signatures and continuing in our new concert music. We will be starting to learn Treble Clef Note names.

    Physical Education: Ms. Nighbert and Mr. Hillery – We will finish our soccer tournament and then take a quiz over soccer. We will also start Project #2 - this is a flipgrid.