March 15 Return to Full-In Q&A

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  • Why make the change to “full-in” learning on March 15?

  • What are school start and end times when “in-person” learning resumes March 15?

  • Does this change in attendance model affect students in the Remote Learning Academy?

  • I am not comfortable with my student attending school in “full-in” mode. Can my child move to the Remote Learning Academy program?

  • What will Wednesdays look like at the high school level?

  • Does this affect kindergarten?

  • Does this affect preschool (Early Childhood Center)?

  • When will busing information be available?

  • How does transitioning to “full-in” mode affect school events and/or athletics?

  • How many students will be attending school every day in person?

  • What are the factors being considered for a March 15 return to a full-in?

  • How will social distancing be handled in “full-in” mode?

  • Do breakfasts and lunches remain free?

  • What if my child has an exposure to someone with COVID while at school?

  • Will there be changes to the attendance policy, with the possibility of students needing to quarantine?

Feb. 19 Update with Dr. Hoadley