District Technology Information

Dublin City Schools: 
  • has a 2 gigabit per second (2 Gbps or 2000 Mbps) connection to the Internet, and we use, on average close to 1000 megabits per second (1000 Mbps) throughout each school day.
  • has a campus-wide wireless network.
    • we average over 15,000 devices connected to our network all day long, every school day
    • we have a "guest" network that allows students, staff and guests connect personal devices to our wireless network
  • has over 10,000 devices (e.g., laptops, tablets, desktops) for students and staff to use.
  • has a projector and/or interactive board in the majority of our classrooms.
  • is a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) district.
Student Use of Technology in the District
  • The majority of our 10,000 devices are laptops, and most of these laptops are either in mobile carts in our schools or in classrooms where they are readily available for use by students.
  • Students can bring in their own devices and use them in during school for educational purposes.
  • Every student has a folder on our centralized file server.  
    • Students can store files in their network folders so they are accessible on any computer in they use while at school.
    • Students can access their network folders outside the district on home computers, tablets or smart phones by using the Student Dashboard.  This allows students to start working on a file at school and finish it at home (or vice versa).
  • Students can also access course folders on the district's file server via the Student Dashboard.
    • Teachers can digitally handout files to students via these course folders.
    • Students can digitally turn in files to their teachers via these course folders.
  • Students have Google accounts managed by the district.
    • Students can use their Google accounts to email other students and their teachers; elementary and middle school student Google accounts cannot send or receive email from any account other than a Dublin City Schools account.
    • Students can use their Google accounts to create and share files with their classmates and teachers; this type of sharing fosters collaboration among students, and provides a way for teachers to give feedback on student work.
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