Welcome to the Department of Academics and Student Learning

The Department of Academics and Student Learning is committed to providing our students with world class instruction, a well-rounded educational experience, and continuously improving in everything we do. The Dublin difference is a well-rounded education that develops not only a child’s mind, but also a child’s heart. 

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Led by Deputy Superintendent Dr. Tracey Deagle, the Office of the Deputy Superintendent oversees the Dublin City Schools academic team. Acting as the superintendent's right hand, the deputy superintendent assists the superintendent in providing leadership to the district that will yield the best possible learning experiences for all Dublin students. 
Led by the Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, Jill Reinhart, the division of Teaching and Learning supports the K-12 academic programming through rigorous curriculum and child centered instructional practices. A focus is on development, planning and implementation of curriculum, professional development for staff and educational technology initiatives.
Led by Executive Director of Student Services Chris Ondrus, the Student Services division of the academic department directs and supports the development, implementation, and operation of Pre K–12, and postsecondary educational programs and services, that meet the unique needs of over 2,500 students with disabilities. 
Led by Director of Secondary Education Tom McDonnell, secondary education involves programming at the secondary level, curriculum, college prep and more. Secondary education covers four middle schools, three high schools, and alternative programming space. As a large division of the department, this office supports the district’s educational goals through the development, planning, and implementation of school improvement initiatives, administration evaluations and the overall secondary education program.  In addition, the director is repsonsible for the adherence to Board of Education policy in the areas of athletics and safety and security.
Led by Director of Elementary Education Tyler Wolfe, elementary education involves programming at the elementary level, response to intervention, and more. Elementary education covers all 12 of our elementary schools. As a division of the academic department, this office is also in charge of providing professional development opportunities to the teaching staff at the elementary level. 
Led by Coordinator of Data and Assessment Jessica Kroetz, this office is responsible for all major testing and assessments at both the elementary and secondary levels. The office is also responsible for training and overseeing test coordinators at the building level. 
Led by Coordinator of Gifted Services Marge Mulcahy, gifted education analyzes the needs and opportunities of students that are identified as gifted. Strongly rooted in Dublin City Schools' mission of growing thinkers, this division of the academic department works to help provide students with the best pathway for their education. 
Led by EL Coordinator Erica Stone, this division of the academic department works to serve the growing number of English Learners  throughout our District. With  more than 1,750 ELL students who speak a wide variety of different languages, the District is fortunate to have a team of highly qualified EL staff and bilingual aides who work with these students to ensure they learn how to read and write English at functional levels. 
The Dublin City Schools College Center is designed to support and inform parents and students in the navigation of postsecondary options. In a collaborative effort, the three high school counseling departments have created many resources to support our school community.

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Deputy Superintendent
Chris Ondrus
Executive Director of Student Services   
Jill Reinhart
Executive Director of Teaching and Learning
Tom McDonnell
Director of Secondary Education 
Tyler Wolfe
Director of Elementary Education
Student Services Coordinator (Middle School) 
Student Services Coordinator (High School) 

Jessica Kroetz
Coordinator of Data and Assessment
Student Services Coordinator (Elementary) 

Lori Marple
K-12 Curriculum Coordinator (Math)
Marge Mulcahy
Coordinator of Gifted Services
Student Services Coordinator (Preschool) 
Student Services Coordinator (Elementary) 
Coordinator of Educational Technology
ELL Coordinator