Mrs. Grissom, Physical Education

It’s great to be back and I am looking forward to another fantastic year in Physical Education at SCEIt’s always a pleasure working with your children.  The students will have fun throughout the year as they develop class teamwork, improve their level of physical fitness, practice a variety of movement and sport related skills, and utilize their skills in a variety of game situations. 

We will start of the school year by reviewing playground safety rules and playground games.  We will also build class teamwork by playing some cooperative games and doing team building activities.  We begin each class doing an aerobic activity followed by an active stretching routine.

For safety, please have your child remember to wear tennis shoes and comfortable clothes on the day they have Physical Education.   If your child cannot actively participate for some reason in P.E. class, I would appreciate a doctor's note regarding the issue.   Thank you for your support! 

Traci Grissom
Phone: 760 - 6818



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