Dublin City Schools works every day to provide our students with world class instruction, a well-rounded education, and to continuously improve in everything we do. It is our goal to align our daily work around these concepts in order to create #theDublinDifference.
We want to share YOUR stories of how members of the Dublin City Schools community have impacted you and your families. If you have a story you would like to share, please email info@dublinschools.net.  

#theDublinDifference Stories

Seth Martin

Davis social studies teacher making a difference for his students

According to many district employees, Seth Martin's efforts for the community and students is unparalleled.  Read More +
Pat O'Neil

Longtime district employee Pat O'Neil has made an incredible impact on Dublin City Schools

Board members, administrators, principals, and other staff members praise Pat O'Neil for her hard work and vast knowledge. Read More +
Biomedical teacher, Roger Rabold

Scioto Biomedical teacher "strives to make all his students not only learn his criteria but be prepared for life after education"

Current students and staff members praise Roger Rabold for his hard work and dedidcation Read More +
Dale Hounshell

Grizzell physical education teacher and coach well respected among community members

Parents and staff alike attribute "attribute Dale’s genuine caring spirit and inherent understanding of adolescent development" a prime example of #theDublinDifference Read More +
Kelly Armfelt

Bailey 3rd grade teacher praised by family as "the best teacher we have dealt with, at any school"

Families around the District thank Kelly Armfelt for her tremendous impact on students. Read More +
Indian Run students

Indian Run staff makes a huge impact on Dublin family

Erin Sheen is grateful for the help she and her daughter have received from Indian Run staff members Read More +
Marla Morris

Jerome Spanish Teacher celebrated by community

Jerome staff and students value Marla Morris' contributions to the school Read More +
Jon Preston

Glacier Ridge Janitor is an "amazing asset to the entire school"

The Glacier Ridge community is thankful for Jon Preston Read More +
Simon Birkhoff

Coffman AP Lit Teacher celebrated

Members of the community recognize Simon Birkhoff's impact on students Read More +
Keith Althouse

Current Scioto student grateful for Davis teacher, Keith Althouse

Current Scioto student praises Davis teacher Keith Althouse Read More +
Karl Johnson

Colleagues Celebrate Scioto Head Football Coach, Karl Johnson

Karl Johnson, credit recovery teacher and Scioto head football coach, truly has a passion for helping students. Read More +
Principal Troy Ehrsam

Student Feels Pinney Principal Truly "Understands" Him

Student wrote to Dr. Hoadley praising Pinney principal Troy Ehrsam. Read More +
Jerome special education secretary "is the backbone" to special education department.

Jerome special education secretary "is the backbone" to special education department.

Christine Wigram truly goes above and beyond for Dublin City Schools. Read More +
Scioto broadcast video teacher "dearly loved and respected by students and staff."

Scioto broadcast video teacher "dearly loved and respected by students and staff."

Scioto BPV teacher Lisa Dale-Press continues to make #theDublinDifference at Scioto. Read More +
Coffman Intervention Specialist "Always Willing to go the Extra Mile"

Coffman Intervention Specialist "Always Willing to go the Extra Mile"

Staff members at Coffman praise their co-worker, Jennifer Clark. Read More +
Jerome Science Teacher "Truly Lives a Life of Serving Others"

Jerome Science Teacher "Truly Lives a Life of Serving Others"

Barb Hilligoss' commitment to service admired by community. Read More +
Parent "Can't Say Enough" About Olde Sawmill 1st Grade Teacher

Parent "Can't Say Enough" About Olde Sawmill 1st Grade Teacher

Parent Annie Bellware believes Geri Keeley is the best teacher her daughter has ever had. Read More +
Scioto Paraprofessional Valued Member of Scioto Community

Scioto Paraprofessional Valued Member of Scioto Community

Coworkers and community members explain the huge difference Kate Zimmerman makes in their daily lives. Read More +
After 36 Years of Teaching, Literacy Coach Will Be Sorely Missed

After 36 Years of Teaching, Literacy Coach Will Be Sorely Missed

District staff members celebrate literacy coach Karen Terlecky, as she retires after 36 years of teaching and coaching. Read More +
Olde Sawmill ELL Teacher Praised for "always having a student's need in mind"

Olde Sawmill ELL Teacher Praised for "always having a student's need in mind"

Staff members have nothing but good things to say about JoAnn Schmitt. Read More +
Parent Believes Wyandot Teacher 'Changed Son's Life'

Parent Believes Wyandot Teacher 'Changed Son's Life'

Dublin parent Kate Hastings praises Wyandot teacher Laura Knape Read More +
Scioto Special Education Teacher Viewed as "an Angel" by Student's Grandparent

Scioto Special Education Teacher Viewed as "an Angel" by Student's Grandparent

Phyllis Workman sees #theDublinDifference in Dawn Barnett! Read More +
Davis Athletic Director and Social Studies Teacher Celebrated by Community

Davis Athletic Director and Social Studies Teacher Celebrated by Community

Community members praise the hard work and dedication of John Bernans. Read More +
Coffman Student Thanks Guidance Counselor For "Being Like Another Parent"

Coffman Student Thanks Guidance Counselor For "Being Like Another Parent"

Coffman senior praises Marci Ewing. Also hear words from a Dublin Parent on how Marci helped her son. Read More +
Parent Believes Pinney Music Teacher Helped Build Son's Confidence

Parent Believes Pinney Music Teacher Helped Build Son's Confidence

Linda Swearingen describes how Susanne Casto embodies #theDublinDifference! Read More +
Scottish Corners 5th Grader Teacher Celebrated by Community

Scottish Corners 5th Grader Teacher Celebrated by Community

See what members of the community are saying about Tony Keefer! Read More +
Sells Instructional Paraprofessional Celebrated Around District

Sells Instructional Paraprofessional Celebrated Around District

Staff members praise Sells Instructional Paraprofessional Cindy Sieber Read More +
Central Office Staff Member Celebrated by Colleagues

Central Office Staff Member Celebrated by Colleagues

Staff members around Central Office praise administrative secretary Nikki Hughes for all of her hard work and dedication! Read More +
Parent Insists Coffman Trainer a "Super Woman" After Caring for Injured Son

Parent Insists Coffman Trainer a "Super Woman" After Caring for Injured Son

For those unaware, my eldest son, Gunnar Hoak, suffered a traumatic baseball injury at Coffman on March 31, 2015. Read More +
Parent Moved by Deer Run Principal Susann Wittig and the "Leader In Me" Program

Parent Moved by Deer Run Principal Susann Wittig and the "Leader In Me" Program

Sulak Singh praises Deer Run Princiapl, Susann Wittig. Read More +
Members of the Bailey Community Celebrate Head Custodian

Members of the Bailey Community Celebrate Head Custodian

Students and staff at Bailey praise head custodian Joni Lavelle! Read More +
Staff Members Praise Colleen Murdock

Staff Members Praise Colleen Murdock

See what District employees are saying about Colleen! Read More +
Community Members Grateful for Wyandot Teacher

Community Members Grateful for Wyandot Teacher

See what community members are saying about Wyandot 3rd grader teacher, Gloria Dowden! Read More +
Elmer Plasencia Thanks His Mentor Kip Witchey, Assistant Principal at Dublin Scioto

Elmer Plasencia Thanks His Mentor Kip Witchey, Assistant Principal at Dublin Scioto

Elmer Plasencia sees #theDublinDifference in the faculty members at Dublin City Schools. Read More +
Indian Run Principal Jennifer Schwanke Writes First Book

Indian Run Principal Jennifer Schwanke Writes First Book

Indian Run principal Jennifer Schwanke has turned her passions for education and writing into a book on leadership for principals. Read More +
Lakshmi Seshadri Gives Special Shout-Out to Faculty Member

Lakshmi Seshadri Gives Special Shout-Out to Faculty Member

Dublin parent Lakshmi Seshadri sees the #theDublinDifference in son's guidance counselor! Read More +
Parent praises Riverside Elementary as "Special, Valuable, and Brilliant"

Parent praises Riverside Elementary as "Special, Valuable, and Brilliant"

Riverside Parent Lee Sanow shares how Riverside has impacted his family. Read More +
Frank and Susan Vetter Credit Daughter's Math Teacher for Helping Material "Click"

Frank and Susan Vetter Credit Daughter's Math Teacher for Helping Material "Click"

Frank and Susan Vetter share what #theDublinDifference has meant to their family! Read More +
Olde Sawmill paraprofessional "handles a very stressful job with patience and charisma."

Olde Sawmill paraprofessional "handles a very stressful job with patience and charisma."

Olde Sawmill paraprofessional Christina Ross is celebrate by members of the Olde Sawmill community for her hard work and dedication! Read More +
Karrer Student Wishes She Could Have "Amazing" Teacher One More Year

Karrer Student Wishes She Could Have "Amazing" Teacher One More Year

Karrer students praises STEM teacher Andrea Williams! Read More +
District Employees Speak Highly of Deer Run Teacher

District Employees Speak Highly of Deer Run Teacher

See what employees are saying about Deer Run teacher, Joyce Nicastro! Read More +
Dublin Parent Moved by Bus Driver's Quick Thinking

Dublin Parent Moved by Bus Driver's Quick Thinking

Holli Berry sees #theDublinDifference in a Dublin employee! Read More +
A Dublin Parent Thanks Retired Bailey Kindergarten Teacher Kitsy Fisher

A Dublin Parent Thanks Retired Bailey Kindergarten Teacher Kitsy Fisher

A Dublin parent shares how teacher helped her son! Read More +
Parent Believes Chapman Teacher is "The Glue" to the 5th Grade Team

Parent Believes Chapman Teacher is "The Glue" to the 5th Grade Team

Dee Anna Chickerella praises Chapman teacher Mary Kalix for her 23 years of work! Read More +
Dublin Alum Believes Dublin YPA Laid Foundation For Career in Aviation

Dublin Alum Believes Dublin YPA Laid Foundation For Career in Aviation

Ryan Barta explains what #theDublinDifference means to him! Read More +
Coffman Alum Believes Time in Dublin City Schools Helped Shape Him

Coffman Alum Believes Time in Dublin City Schools Helped Shape Him

Hear why Coffman Alum Rohit Joshi believes in #theDublinDifference! Read More +


Quotes from our Community

"Mr. Wysong at Dublin Coffman continues to be an extraordinary influence on his currently and past students. Additionally, he keeps a very clear line of communication open with parents. It’s obvious how much he truly cares to engage the students on an educational and emotional basis. His influence and caring extend well beyond the classroom and is heartfelt and genuine. He places student learning and development at the forefront of the teaching experience."
-Jeff Bradshaw
"I am so very grateful to the wonderful teachers and staff in the Dublin City Schools. They continue to amaze me. My kids have come so far since they began preschool in the District program."
 -Dava Bielefeld, Parent 
"The kids of today will be creating our tomorrows. The more we invest in them today, the better ALL our tomorrows will be. It is the most important invest we will ever have the opporunity to make."
 -Mare Hull, Retired Science Educator  
 "Public education builds strong communities like Dublin. The diversity of both our teachers and students provide the framework for learning tolerance, inclusivity, commonly-held values so critical to maintaining the democracy we cherish as Americans. I consider public education an investment in my future and the future of our country. A well-educated citizenry produces the leaders of tomorrow. Our public schools do so much more than educate our children. They are a resource for every in Dublin - young and old alike. They bring neighborhoods together and foster communication among residents of all ages."
 -Chris Kelly, Past President Dublin Foundation 
"We moved to Central Ohio when our daughter was 5 years old. After researching several school districts we decided to move to Dublin when she started middle school. That proved to be the right choice since she is now a junior at Harvard University. The education she received in the Dublin schools and the IB program at Dublin Coffman High School played an important role in her admission to this prestigious university and prepared her well for its high academic standards."
-Silviu Golumbeanu

"I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all of the wonderful teachers who have helped my grandchildren over the course of the last two years! I don't want to miss anyone so I am not going to list them. Praise and thankfulness go out to all the staff who are helping to make a difference to each and every student!"
-Sharon J. Schleter  

"I would like to take a moment to talk about the Preschool Staff at Bailey Elementary.  Mrs. Gates and Ms. Wendy have been wonderful!  My oldest son started last year and has continued to the afternoon class while my other son started this year in their morning class.  Both boys love going to school and enjoy it daily.  It is awesome to see their enthusiasm at a young age and know Mrs. Gates and Ms. Wendy have set them up with success with a love of learning!"
 -Bethany Collier
"Very supportive and understanding of her students. Always positive and encouraging students through all things that they may be experiencing."
-Mariah Parham praising Davis science teacher Amy McGhee
“Mrs. Habak is the most amazing, inclusive, personalized, charismatic teacher I have ever had. She somehow found a way to connect all of my class as a group of friends within a quarter of the school year, learning and helping each other. We will never run out of her biology puns, fun videos, and the connections we shared. Her hard work, personality, and dedication to her students deserves to be recognized for making my freshman year at Jerome the best year I could ask for.”
-Cydney Howard on her former biology teacher Emily Habak 
“Mrs. Sampson could not have been more helpful when my daughter was going through issues of depression and trauma as a result of an incident with a fellow student. She made her feel safe and supported at school and helped her with tools and resources so that she was successfully able to finish the school year. When Hannah returned to school this year, Mrs. Sampson made sure that she knew she still had a support system if she needed it.”
-Anne Wilson on Scioto guidance counselor Allison Sampson 
"Brooke is an amazing educator. She works at several different buildings, with I can't imagine how many different students but always remains committed to excellence. Her communication is unmatched; she emails nearly weekly with updates on my child's session. Last Spring he decided to try the Let Me Run program and Brooke not only offered to talk to his coaches but she showed up and practiced with him! Brooke is a wonderful example of an educator who goes above and beyond in her commitment to excellence, both to the students she services but their parents as well."
-Lauren Rotondo on Pinney physical therapist Brooke Holdgreve 
"Our son was placed in Miss Achauer's class and we are so very grateful. He had a terrible time in preschool. He was sent to the principal's office several times throughout the year. He came home grumpy and sad most days. He is like a different child this year. He is eager to go to school and learn and share what he is learning. He speaks very fondly of Miss Achauer. I feel that she really understands young children and their needs. She sees my son and all of her students as people and I know her students will thrive this year."
-Amy Rittberher on Kindergarten teacher Ashley Achauer 
"Miss Scott of Glacier Ridge Elementary makes kindergarten fun and exciting. Our daughter always came home with stories of math games and great books. Miss Scott is willing to share her life stories about her nephew or dog, Henry to inspire her students to tell, draw, and write about their own life. She tries to attend one of each of her students music or sporting events. She went above and beyond cheering on our daughter at a soccer game. Miss Scott makes sure her kindergarteners are armed with the skills necessary to be successful in first grade. She is also compassionate and knows that the first day of school is sometimes scary. She sent a video to her previous kindergarteners the night before their first day of first grade reassuring and encouraging them that they would have an excellent day. She is a great teacher in many ways." 
-Jennifer Wiemeyer on Kindergarten teacher Lauren Scott 
“Mr. Castiglione exemplifies everything wonderful about a teacher. He not only teaches well, but he makes sure each individual student understands the content in their own way, and ensures that each student is confident with all the content. He is also extremely kind and fair towards students and other teachers. He prepares you so well for the exam and for college; any student who has the privilege of having Mr. Castiglione is extremely lucky. He was the best teacher I had throughout my schooling.”
-Divya Shankar on Jerome science teacher Michael Castiglione 
“Over the past two year, Mrs. Cassaro has worked closely and tirelessly with IT, Central Office and Scioto Administrators and PTO to transform the DSHS Library space into an innovative technological center. Her vision incorporated the wishes of students, community members and staff. It included ideas like touch screens and collaborative-based furniture in the labs, zenergy ball chairs and a coming-soon makerspace. This new space has become the "hot spot" not only among Scioto students and teaching staff, but across the district. It has been praised as "The Ideal School Library of the Future" and a model for other schools.”
-Gina Finley on Scioto librarian Erin Cassaro
“Vangie is by far one of the kindest, caring, loving and definitely the most fun bus driver in Dublin! My son, Leo had the best school year last year all because of Vangie and Bus 3! She treats her riders like her own and showers them with so much love and happiness! She even went as far as sending Leo a card before the start of this year cheering him on to Kindergarten! There are not enough words of praise for this amazing woman! Thank you Dublin and Thank you Miss. Vangie! We love you! “
-Gilda & Leo Anderson on bus driver Vangie Tavella 
“She went above and beyond to have fun while teaching. She moved all the chairs and desks out of the room before we got to school for April Fool's Day! Mrs. Dowden is simply one of those teachers that remains in their student's hearts forever. My son, Ryan, had her 3 years ago and now my son, Ben, has her. She is kind, supportive, loving and understanding to all who enter her room. She instilled a love of learning, the environment, and important issues all while learning about her student's own passions. She is truly one of a kind.”
-Ryan and Kari Perman on Wyandot 3rd grader teacher Gloria Dowden 
"Gloria Dowden is an incredible teacher and person. She truly makes a difference! My son in college had Mrs. Dowden as his 3rd grade teacher and he still talks fondly about her. No matter when you see her, she always has a smile on her face."
-Kathy Greenwalt on Wyandot 3rd grade teacher Gloria Dowden 
"Charla Rae Bartelt is one of the most giving educators I know. She is always searching for ways to motivate students on her caseload, in addition to looking for creative ways to reach alternative learners. She also develops strong relationships with families. Charla Rae truly reaches out and engages families in a way that separates her from her peers. Charla Rae is also an important piece of our staff. She is kind and supportive, and she always looks for the positives in any situation. She is always willing to help out her colleagues. DWE and DCS is a better place because she is in it!"
-Kelli Traber on Wright Intervention Specialist Charla Rae Bartelt
"I have been in his classes for two years now and have witnessed firsthand the love and understanding exhibited by Mr. Hardesty towards his students. Despite the difficult material, he is a charismatic math teacher, successfully engaging students on a daily basis. You can tell he loves his job, is a very hard worker, and always tries to put others before himself. In addition to his 5 consecutive precalculus classes, he seamlessly handles being the varsity golf coach, math department chair, senior class staff representative, and acting in Dublin Scioto's recent production of Into the Woods. His students are always treated as a priority, and you always feel a little bit better after spending time with him. Because of Mr. Hardesty's efforts, he has earned the respect and gratitude from students, parents, and colleagues. Every day I am grateful for having Mr. Hardesty as a teacher. Math teacher aside, I have nothing but admiration for this man."
-Michaela Strausbaugh on Scioto Math Teacher Todd Hardsety 
"Stephanie has gone above and beyond in working with the students as well as the parents and staff. But more so with parents to keep us all calm and in the know."
-Sabrina Groth on Thomas kindergarten teacher Stephanie Anders  
"She works well with the children and she works just as hard with the parents."
-Anthony Booker on Thomas kindergarten teacher Stephanie Anders 
"My son attended Bailey as a peer. His older sister is the complete opposite of him. She is very extroverted and he is extremely introverted. Over time, my husband and I noticed that his sister kind of ran the show and he was her shadow. When asked what he would like for a snack, his response was always "whatever my sister is having." Lisa Gates and her team was the best thing that happened to my son. By the end of the school year last year, he found his voice and confidence. Lisa really took the extra time with him noticing how his brain works, his actions, listening to him, and adapting to ways that best helped our son grow and communicating with us constantly. When the last day came, we were so sad to have to say goodbye to this wonderful, hard working woman who was such a huge inspiration in my son's success. She is such a gift to the Dublin school district and such a passionate teacher. He is a different little man and is exceeding expectations this year in kindergarten and I owe it all to her!"
-Gretchen Proemm on Bailey preschool teacher Lisa Gates 
"Megan is a phenomenal teacher who goes above and beyond in her classroom. She does an excellent job connecting educational content to real life situations where the kids can manipulate and use what they are learning to understand their world. Megan shows the students how to be an advocate for change and she works with her class to improve our world and environment. Her third grade class participated in a kindness project this winter and she also worked with her class to reduce waste at our school. Megan embraces inclusion and is an advocate for each child to reach their own best potential. She is an impact teacher that changes lives!"
-Ellen Seif on Deer Run 3rd grade teacher Megan Shalek
"During lunch a distraught parent notified Kate that she thought a student was choking. Kate calmly assessed the situation. Kate then preformed the heimlich maneuver on the student freeing her blocked airway and took her to the clinic. Her calm demeanor enabled her to rely on her training to ensure the safety of the students here at Olde Sawmill."
-Rhonda Hanks on Olde Sawmill Media Specialist Kate Hastings 
"Michelle is the friendly face of Coffman. She is so sweet to the student workers. In fact, we always have several students that want to be office workers due to Michelle's kind heart and caring nature. She is a role model for the students on how to treat people when they enter the doors of Coffman. She is friendly and courteous to all. She loves her job and is excellent at it. I'm so happy that I am a part of the Coffman family and Michelle is my co-worker."
-Margie Miller on Coffman Building Secretary Michelle McGovern 
"Melody Allen works hard to grow thinkers in her classroom. She successfully implements best practices through Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop. Promoting literacy is what she does best as she helps her students find a passion for language through the endless novels they read, discuss and write about. On our Saturday morning drive to a basketball game, my daughter was able to discuss the ways cause and effect relationships not only occur in everyday life, but also was able to demonstrate how these relationships happen in a piece of text. She brought up the topic and explained how much she had learned in a small group setting during her Language Arts class, described in detail the story, what occurred and why. Her spelling and vocabulary skills have grown tremendously through the word study provided in her daily routine. Most importantly she has a new found appreciation books she is reading and the ability to think deeply about the world around her because discussion of the many themes and topics she encounters during her many hours spent reading is the norm in Mrs. Allen’s class. Mrs. Allen is passionate, caring and kind and has been a life saver for a child who struggled with reading. We have witnessed a tremendous growth in her reading ability as Mrs. Allen has helped her to become more independent with each day."
-Karen Gynn on Thomas 4th grade teacher, Melody Allen
"It is important to recognize Valerie Cutteridge to show the importance of consistent best practices. The year prior this growth and love for reading began in her class. We had always noticed how our daughter struggled with language so we asked for assistance. A meeting was held and Mrs. Cutteridge had been proactive and already had a plan to spend extra time throughout the school day to begin intervention in word study. Helping our daughter to break down difficult words and vocabulary during small groups was critical to the success and growth that has continued through this year. Mrs. Cutteridge implements the workshop model to foster a love of reading and writing. Because Dublin teachers are highly qualified and masterful at employing this teaching method our daughter is now excelling in reading. It is the reason we moved to this district. Both of these teachers provided a smooth transition in the learning process for our child and have shown the dedication and attention to detail it takes to be an outstanding educator. Mrs. Cutteridge was able to determine exactly how to help our daughter grow in her literacy skills." 
-Karen Gynn on Thomas 3rd grade teacher, Melody Allen
"Thelma Call is the front office secretary at Karrer M.S. She is an ideal 'first person' the public meets at Karrer. Her bright and warm smile is comforting considering the numerous reasons for why a parent must go into the front office. Thelma is kind, patient, and respectful to all. Thelma Call makes a difference in Dublin!"
-Meaghan Miller on Karrer building secretary, Thelma Call 
"I want to give a special thank you to Lindsay Law of Scottish Corners Elementary for making my daughter's first grade experience so wonderful, for helping her to enjoy school and learning, and for helping her to overcome her academic challenges. Miss Law is a cheerleader for her students and deserves recognition and praise for her hard work and enthusiasm for teaching and supporting students."
-Samantha Razem on Scottish Corners 1st grade teacher, Lindsay Law 
"Heather Sorensen is deserving of recognition based on her tireless effort teaching, reteaching, and reaching students. I have a desk in Ms. Sorensen's room, and many days after school I see IB and AP students visit her for help. She is an excellent role model and has a tremendous talent for helping students find their own voice in their writing. She has such strong content knowledge and the ability to break down assignments and really reach students who are struggling. In addition, she has excellent rapport with her students, and I can tell she genuinely cares about the integrity of Scioto as a whole. She spends many hours outside of her contracted time assisting students that are in her classes and gives above and beyond what is expected as a teacher. Throughout the years, she has been a tremendous mentor teacher to me. When I was getting back into teaching, she made transitioning from another school to Scioto a pleasant experience. She welcomed the new experience of working together, sharing her room, and planning together. I always felt valued as a professional teacher in her presence. Ms. Sorensen has a true gift for teaching as I have watched her in action teach Honors English I freshmen. She is one of the most supportive and helpful teachers I have ever encountered in my career. She is thoughtful, kind, and funny with students and colleagues. Ms. Sorensen makes working at Dublin Scioto worthwhile, and I appreciate the effort she puts into her classroom preparation and the devotion she shows the students and staff at Scioto."
-Amanda Laucher on Scioto english teacher Heather Sorensen 
"While we the IB kids are working on our internal assessments, she is always there to help and encourage us. There's nothing that makes me feel better than Mrs. Kendall-Sperry's bright and sweet attitude. Thank you for all your help!!!"
-Student on Jerome spanish teacher Karen Kendall-Sperry 
"Mrs. Kill has always gone above and beyond to help. Most recently, she contacted me to see how my daughter Jordan was doing following our family having been involved in the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting incident. She was especially sensitive to Jordan's needs and the resulting fears from the airport incident. She invited Jordan to come into the Guidance Office for a "hug" so she could check on her. I am so grateful for her caring outreach.”
-Jim Sagona on Jerome guidance secretary Peggy Kill 
"Karrer's Mr. Dillard is an amazing teacher who has challenged and inspired my son to try sports for the first time in a number of years. Mr. Dillard has been an upbeat and positive presence in my 7th grade son's life, and I appreciate his dedication to sharing joy with our children!"
-Mary McNamara on Karrer English teacher John Dillard

"Coffman's Mr. Saunders truly "rocks"!! I could fill pages of how he has touched our lives by his inspiring dedication to going above and beyond coaching. He is a mentor, a role model, and a man who challenges students to do their best in all aspects of life. Mr. Saunders has touched our hearts and lives by living by example, and calling forth goodness. Now THAT is what I call an education!!!"
-Mary McNamara on Coffman PE teacher Tim Saunders

"Coffman's Carl Reed is super human I believe. How else can you explain a man that was willing to lead students to the inauguration of the most recently volatile presidential election that our generations have seen? Mr. Reed is a leader, expects and receives the best who follow in his path, and offers gentle guidance that makes a lasting impression on our students. Mr. Reed took our students to the greatest government classroom in the United States- Washington DC, while history was being made. Kudos to him and his family for sharing his wisdom and insight of navigating such an event- a lifetime of memories our students will carry!"
-Mary McNamara on Coffman social studies teacher Carl Reed
"Mr. Sraver is one of the most friendly and helpful teachers ever. He always makes all of his lessons extremely lively and makes everything super simple and easy to understand. Not only does is he an exceptional teacher, but he is always open to help out with anything. I had a website that I created and I would write for; I could go in anytime and he would help with it. There was a time that I was struggling with a couple things this year, but he helped me figure out what I needed to focus on ,and helped me become better at it. Every Friday he takes time and teaches us different life lessons."
-Scioto student on Scioto modern world history teacher Drew Sraver 
"Dr. Linda Gayle is the cognitive teacher that works with my son in reading and math at Riverside. She communicates with us about all of his progress frequently. She has a website that she sends photos to us showing what he is working on in his learning journey. In addition to being extremely flexible, (Boston is the only 5th grader at Riverside that qualified for her services so she works with him one on one and arranging a schedule for that was a lot of maneuvering!) she has gone above and beyond the expectations of what is expected. She attended one of his flag football games and she also attended the 5th grade orchestra concert at Davis to show support for her students. Every time we have met to discuss Boston's work, it is more and more obvious that not only does she take an interest in his interests, she takes the time to know who he is and what drives him. We are overjoyed with his progress under her leadership and it will be hard for anyone to fill her shoes!"
-Holli Berry on Riverside gifted intervention specialist Dr. Linda Gayle 
"Cathy continues to innovate and create with students. She facilitates a creative maker space in the GRE library with various challenges each Library rotation. When students talk about going to library they are excited about the new things they will be trying and the new experiences that await them. Her depth of knowledge about students goes beyond knowing their name - when a child has a birthday a book is chosen in honor of them, Cathy takes the time to select a book that represents the child and their personal interests. As a teacher in the building I have seen this take place with my students in my class but also as a parent in the building - she has chosen picture/chapter books through the years that represent my children- their interests and passions. Cathy also continues to research grants that benefit the entire school. She actively supports our PTO through engaging the staff to have a representation at our school Meltdown - with a basket that is solely purchased by staff members. This is one of many example of Cathy going beyond the description and caring deeply about our community. Cathy during parent conference nights creates a collection of photos she has taken at various student events and shows it for parents and students to enjoy as they walk through. She is a passionate educator, that works with teachers to educate the entire student. Her capacity of knowledge of books is endless. Her willingness to serve as a mentor to other teachers learning the trade while continuing to be a positive force in our school climate and culture."
-Erin Marr on Glacier Ridge librarian Cathy Witchy

"Miss Starkey is the most caring and outgoing teacher I've met. She genuinely cares about everyone. She helps every single student no matter what. She works very hard to help the kids during there classes. Miss.Starkey also builds very good relationships which makes it very easy to talk to her. She has made B217 a better place everyday! She brings a lot of smiles and laughs!"
-Jerome student on Jerome intervention specialist Kali Starky 
"Becky has a gift for working with students with special needs. In the art room, I have seen Becky help students reach past their goals and she continually has high expectations for her students. The students she works with can tell she truly cares about them and they love her and want to do well. Becky develops a caring relationship with all of the students she works with and she goes above and beyond."
-Janice Kuchinka on Scottish Corners paraprofessional Becky Terry
"Laura Delaney, special education administrative assistant at Deer Run elementary is one of the kindest people I have ever met. In all the 7 years I have seen her at work in the office, juggling student needs, parents coming in with requests, phones ringing off the hook, I am amazed at her patience and grace in handling everybody. She makes you feel special and wanted, regardless of who you are."
-Nancy Sofowora on Deer Run special education administrative assistant Laura Delaney 
"Upon moving into the district my son was lucky enough to be assigned to Mrs. Temple for his intervention specialist. Mrs. Temple reached out to us before school even started. As the year progressed, Mrs. Temple continued with her normal communication keeping everyone abreast of my son's progress and needs. With reading being his biggest challenge due to dyslexia I was speechless as I sat last week and had him read to me. Now I won't sugar coat it, getting him started was a challenge. However after getting going, not only was he self sufficient but I could her the enthusiasm in his voice as he read. He was enjoying reading even though it is by far the most difficult part of his life. To top it all off when I asked him if he was excited for school to end I was given the following response: "Not really, I could go all year." There are no words needed beyond those. Thank you Mrs. Temple, you have become a staple in Brady's life and we are forever indebted to you for all your help!!"
-Brian Anderson on Wyandot intervention specialist Megan Temple 
"Ally is the counselor for my seventh grade triplets. Each of my girls has challenges, learning and otherwise, that sometimes impede their success. Ally has always been friendly, helpful and willing to go the extra mile to help. I can count on Ally to field my questions and concerns promptly and with compassion and professionalism. I am constantly amazed at how quickly she responds to my often urgent matters and/or requests. Without Ally in our corner, my girls would not have been able to achieve the success and confidence of other seventh graders. I truly would be lost without her. Thank you Ally for all you have done for our family!"
-Kristen Bach on Grizzell guidance counselor Ally Casale 
"It is difficult to explain the value of Ms. Osada for the students, staff, and parents of the Indian Run community. She is beloved, respected, and depended on by all of us! She seamlessly bridges culture and language barriers to support our students as they learn to navigate the complicated world of the English language; she helps students academically and emotionally until they build understanding and confidence. She translates the questions and concerns of parents so that IRE teachers and staff can understand and alleviate any worries they may have. She gives so generously of her time and knowledge and knows when to be available at highly emotional times--for new enrollments, at Family Walkthrough, for kindergarten information meetings, at music and arts performances, during transitions between schools. With her relentless work ethic and deep wealth of knowledge about various cultures, Ms. Osada represents what Dublin City Schools is all about-- an inclusionary and loving setting in which all students are given the supports they need to succeed. Yumi is a silent, gentle, and loving supporter for the most vulnerable of our students. She welcomes them when they arrive in the United States and supports them while they begin to learn English, differentiating her support so they grow to be successful students. Teachers rely on her for translation, cultural understanding, and academic modifications. We are hugely lucky to have someone of Yumi's talent and skill as a bilingual aide in Dublin City Schools." 
-Indian Run Principal Jen Schwanke on Bilingual Aide Yumi Osada
"I am the Site Director for OSE Dublin Latchkey and we were off to an early 7am start on Aug. 16, 2017! When the bell rang at 9am and my students headed to their classrooms for the first time this year, I watched and reflected on the little kindnesses that were happening around me and just how much Olde Sawmill and the Dublin Schools have been a wonderful part of my life. I’ve lived in Dublin for 31 years and have watched my 5 kids graduate from Dublin H.S. and Dublin Scioto H.S. I retired from Dublin City Schools after working 20 years as a Lunch Lady at Davis Middle School. My son, Jason Colley taught and coached at Dublin Scioto and Jerome H.S. I started my 23rd year of working for Dublin Latchkey today and continue to have the privilege of sharing “First Day” excitement with my students and families!"
-Susan J Colley-Smith 
"My family has been impacted in a very positive way by many of the wonderful teachers in Dublin City Schools. My sons were in fifth and second grade when we moved to Dublin. They were warmly welcomed into the Glacier Ridge Elementary School community, and never looked back! Now my oldest is a freshman at the University of Michigan and my youngest is a sophomore at Jerome. Of all the excellent teachers they have had, the two who really had the greatest impact on my children are Brian Stevens and Micah Abrams. They have fostered a love of music in my sons, which I am sure will last a lifetime. Not only that, but they helped them learn to work hard, strive for excellence in all that they do, and taught them to be caring and compassionate leaders. Mr. Stevens and Mr. Abrams have created a supportive and inclusive community in the Dublin Jerome band that truly makes high school better for many of their students. They are both superb educators who are to be commended for their dedication to their students."
-Melissa Izenson
"My son is starting his first year in the Dublin school district at Thomas in 4th grade. I have been so very impressed. We didn’t know we would be moving until Mid July, so it was all very last minute.The staff at Thomas have been absolutely FANTASTIC in this transition. The transfer meeting had 7 people in attendance, and they seemed to want to mold the educational experience around my son, as opposed to trying to make him fit in to what they already do. The staff at Thomas have been willing to do anything it takes to make my son successful and happy. We are so excited and happy to be aware of the Dublin Difference! Every single person we have met along the way has been helpful, positive and encouraging. The entire environment of the school and the system is so much different. We finally feel at home. Thank you!"
-Amanda Snyder 
"Marley attends preschool at Pinney. We have been working on walking FOREVER. But her teacher sent a video of her walking in the classroom. She is THRIVING at school. We like to spread the word about the amazing things happening here for Marley and share the happy and good vibes. Thank you!"
-Molly Pesich 
"She is amazing with the kids and the parents and remembers everything - also gets in touch with Parents (at least myself) asap and is always kind."
-Sabrina on Thomas assistant principal Melissa Klosterman-Lando 
"Mrs Shalek goes above and beyond a teachers calling. She truly cares for her kids. She's like a second mom to them. She understands each child's strengths and weaknesses and works with them to achieve their goals. She does all this with grace and a rather mellow voice. I have never seen her flustered or temperamental. She has really helped my daughter blossom in 3rd grade and helped her achieve the rather lofty goals she set out for herself. But more than any of this it was the kindness and compassion that she showed when one of her student's mom passed away at the beginning of the school year that rally struck me. She put together a large basket of books, legos, puzzles & other games for the kid so that he could take his mind off his mom's illness. All of this she did on her own and put the class' name on it. This happened in the summer, so she didn't want to trouble parents during vacation time. She truly is a hero in our family's eyes and deserves to be rewarded."
-Anu Kurian on Deer Run teacher Megan Shalek 
"Mr. Kurty is such a wonderful example of community, kindness, passion, and dedication for our kids."
-Britt Lakin on Glacier Ridge principal Pete Kurty 
"Colleen Whitty was my daughter's third grade teacher last year. Colleen consistently went above and beyond to support my child. My daughter has a specific learning disability, also known, in her case, as dyslexia. My daughter is a smart child who has to work really really hard to achieve the same success as her peers. Colleen provided with constant, consistent support in all academic areas. My daughter always felt comfortable asking Colleen for help and felt success as a result. Colleen's actual desk is a kidney table. It is set up so that there is room for students to come to her desk and get help, encouragement, and support while learning. She knew the tricky balance between helping my daughter try it on her own and understanding when to step in and provide more support. If my daughter was absent due to illness she would go out of her way to provide work she could do at home if she felt up to it which helped her not fall behind. She made learning fun and meaningful for all students. For example, when learning about different types of rocks she set up a hands on experience where students were able to touch and learn about many different aspects of rocks. She used positive reinforcement to encourage learning with rewards and celebrations. Colleen is very approachable and, as a parent, I always knew I could contact her and she'd be happy to help. She consistently had a smile on her face and treated each student as if they were her child. There were many nights when I would drop my daughter off to an activity at 6:00 PM and she would just be leaving school. Despite her many long hours she always possessed a refreshed energy. At the end of the year she put together a movie containing pictures of the students throughout the year set to music. She shared this movie with her class and it brought happy tears to many eyes. I can't say enough about how phenomenal Colleen is, not only as a teacher, but as a person. What a wonderful world it would be if every teacher put 110% into their job like Colleen! She cares so deeply for her students, meets their varied needs, and possesses a positive attitude." 
-Jessica Aldin on Scottish Corners teacher Colleen Whitty 
"Ms. Myers demonstrated exceptional professionalism, passion, organization, and support during her years working with our daughter. Holly was always responsive, communicative and organized. She collaborated extremely well with our daughter's teachers as well as outside professionals, always demonstrating a commitment towards our daughter's education and progress. We have moved into 6th grade now, but will always remember Ms. Myers as an exceptional talent within Dublin City Schools."
-Leeanne Beggs on Glacier Ridge intervention specialist Holly Myers 
"My most memorable moment of Jara took place at the 2016 Dublin Irish Festival. We were waiting in a food line when a family sprinted to Jara thanking her for the time she spent with their child and the help she provided to identify his dyslexia learning disability. The family lives in the district although their child does not attend Dublin schools. Jara went above and beyond for this family scheduling testing to be done and working with the school that the child attends to ensure the proper steps are taken to enhance his learning experience. The father, almost in tears, told me that because of Jara, his son's life has forever been changed. I've only known Jara as an exceptional friend to me and my family but that moment truly defined the passion and enthusiasm she has for helping others. She is truly a wonderful ambassador of the Dublin Schools brand."
-Shannon Burke on Student Services Coordinator Jara Packer 
"In just two full years there, Mr. Wolfe has made Bailey Elementary a better school. As a parent, volunteer and substitute there for the last seven years, I have seen a marked difference in the attitude of the teachers and staff since he has been there. There is a real sense of pride and integrity there; everyone wanting to do their best and contribute. He is a principal that the students go up to and are so comfortable around because he is so un-intimidating. Mr. Wolfe will eat lunch with the students, he will pop into classes and share in what the kids are doing, he takes time out of his duties to have fun with them. He has a student-led philosophy and really respects the students' opinions and input. It is apparent that he loves his job, he loves his staff and he loves his students. He's also great with the parents and in communicating with them."
-Autumn Shah on Bailey principal Tyler Wolfe 
"Mr. Hall is the personification of what an educator should be. My daughter is now a freshman at Scioto and she selected to take an advance math class with Mr. Hall this year. Mr. Hall helped her during this past summer by setting up a schoology site with videos, training materials and worksheets for her with the goal of being prepared for the math class. As my daughter finished the worksheets she emailed them to Mr. Hall who provided feedback and guidance on her work. He did not have to do this additional work, nobody asked him to do it. And yet, Mr. Hall took time from his vacation to help my daughter be successful during the school year. This was truly a selfless and kind act to benefit and support a child interested in learning and I can’t thank him enough. This is what true teaching is about!"
-Lianna Barbu on Scioto math teacher Heath Hall 
"Michelle Cooper more than exemplifies all that Dublin City Schools prides it’s self in providing it’s students. As a Scioto graduate myself, when my children were struggling in another district, I knew I had to get them to Dublin. When my family met Michelle Cooper 3 years ago we had no idea that she would forever change our lives. All of our children were considerably under grade level, had extreme behavioral issues to the point we were attending expulsion hearings in the other district, and my son in particular could not form attachments or connect with people. Michelle took the time to study him. My son was withdrawn and had violent outbursts. At home there was no consequence good or bad that would motivate him to listen. Getting him to trust people was near impossible. A smile or hug from him was just not a reality when we met Ms. Cooper. Within 4 months of my son working with Michelle he was comfortable in a routine at school and was thriving. He, in April of our first year in Dublin, earned student of the month. As he has continued to work with Michelle and the other amazing staff at DWE he has begun to develop meaningful relationships with adults and children. My son will now cuddle with us and smile. The transformation in him over the last 3 years is nothing short of a miracle in our life. Michelle met my son where he was. She works with him in a way that reaches him. He is not just another student at Dublin. Michelle has made an investment, with her time and talent, into the life and future of my stepson. We have a total of 7 children and all of them adore Ms. Cooper. She has taken the time to get to know all my children, even the ones she does not directly work with. My children light up at the mere sight of Ms. Cooper. I cannot think of a person in this district more deserving of this honor. I look back to the crisis my family was in when we met Michelle and see where we are now and I still stand in amazement."
-Leah Balcer on Wright Intervention Specialist Michelle Cooper
"Mr. Stowell is deserving for this award for many reason. One reason includes him being fun as a teacher but making sure students are being productive. He also makes sure every student in his class feels welcomed and wants to be in that learning environment. Another reason that I feel he should be nominated is because he accommodates for every type of learner. He makes sure he has lesson plans that are beneficial for kinesthetic, auditory, and visual learners. He also goes above and beyond what is required to be taught in the class. Due to the election last year, Mr. Stowell incorporated lesson plans that involved either the election or the process of voting. He also encouraged students to watch the debates with their parents. Finally what sets him apart is his ability to make sure that all the students are taken care for. This past school year on our school trip to Washington D.C he showed this ability. On our trip there was a pre-packed meal that was non-vegetarian. Since I am vegetarian, I could not have the meal. As a result, Mr. Stowell decided that he would buy all of the vegetarians on the bus another meal that was vegetarian so that we would not go hungry."
-Davis student on Davis teacher Matt Stowell 
"The Cross Country Boosters held our first home race at Dublin Jerome this year. Although not part of Cross Country, Mr. Slack worked with us to successfully project a live feed from wooded section of the race to our new scoreboard. He also helped with the Dublin Business Academy (DBA) to help the students produce our shirts etc for the race. In addition, he was there early Saturday morning of the race (following working at the football game- homecoming) to ensure all our speaker systems etc were working. He stayed for the duration of the race, leaving at 1:00 PM. We had a very successful race, in large part to people like Mr. Slack who went above and beyond. (PS I see him around the school making various contributions to the school)."
-Jan Findley on Jerome Spanish teacher Randy Slack 
"Jessica has been instrumental in helping our daughter transition back into school. From grades 2-5, our daughter, Kara, has been home-schooled, due in large part to some medical challenges. We knew it was time for her to go back to school but were reluctant to take the step. We moved to the district at the end of last year and were amazed by the level of assessment and help offered to Kara by the district. So, we took steps to make it happen. As we moved closer to the start of school, it was determined that Kara needed an IEP. Jessica led this process. From the very beginning, we sensed her heart and desire to help Kara succeed. She provided such a level of comfort for Kara (and mom and dad) about the IEP, the start of the start of school and the transition. For the first week, Jessica emailed my wife and I a couple of times each day to let us know how Kara was doing! Even after four weeks, she's in regular contact with us about homework, camps and school in general. Kara absolutely adores her. She is quickly earning a level of influence in Kara's world that we are so very grateful for! Whenever someone asks Kara what she likes about school, Jessica is at or near the top of her list. I don't know how we would be doing this without Jessica's help, her hand and her heart."
-Brian Webb on Sells Intervention Specialist Jessica Tyler 
"This teacher goes above and beyond for the students in her class. She has bought notebooks for every student that has her, She has made exceptions to students on vacation, and even gives one on one lessons to people need help. This teacher is kind in every way and never gives up on a student."
-Taseyana Booker-Hopkins on Davis teacher Kristy Storm 
"He goes out of his way to make students and families feel special and important. He goes above and beyond. My daughter does not have her father in her life and instead of allowing dad's and donuts day to impact her in a negative way and possibly hurt her because she doesn't have a dad, he asked her to go with him. It meant the world to her and he will never know what it meant to me. He is amazing and though this happened a couple years ago he has never been honored and would never expect to be, but he does deserve it. He still checks on her to this day. What an amazing teacher the DUBLIN school district is lucky to have."
-Carri Stearns on Thomas teacher Devin Bowman 
"Mandy Reutzel started off the year at Indian Run. She was open to support me and my colleagues in any way we needed from coming in the summer to help organize books of a first year teacher to helping a veteran teacher (me) focus and organize lesson plans. She is extremely positive and empathizes with our stress and needs. She is friendly with everyone and always has a smile on her face. She even supports teammates teaching math and content with non fiction reading and writing. She is willing to help anytime and has been know to work in the evenings and on weekends to support us. She continues to check in and communicate with me and my colleagues each week. Mandy genuinely cares for everyone...staff, students, and other colleagues. She will help us in anyway we need it and we have really appreciated her support this year!"
-Katie Mathews on Indian Run Intermediate Literacy Coach Mandy Reutzel 
"Mr. Schuster deserves this award for his unbelievable dedication to his students and former athletes. From my personal experience, he taught me to not only believe in myself, but that making mistakes is okay, and is the only way to learn. He teaches his students to have confidence in themselves which is extremely important for every person out there. I have always struggled in Math, but after taking Mr. Schuster’s IB Math Studies class, I have improved tremendously. He also taught me not to hate math which for the longest time, I loathed it, and now I kind of like it. I personally would like to thank Mr. Schuster for everything he has done for me to help me get through Math. He is an incredible and selfless teacher."
-Ella Chennells on Jerome teacher Ken Schuster 
"My son started in Chris ball's preschool class when he was almost 4 years old he could only say mom and dad because of his developmental delays and Autism. After 1 year in Ms. Ball's class my son is talking and is a very social boy I owe her everything she changed my sons life I can't thank her enough."
-Salah Al Lami on Wyandot teacher Chris Ball 
"I can’t begin to put into words how Thomas Elementary’s Jodi Cooper and Melissa Klosterman-Lando have meant to my family. Three years ago, my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. These two women helped my then 1st grade son cope with his dad’s illness. As Kevin’s disease progressed, they followed my children through their process of dealing with watching their dad fight cancer both in and out of the hospital. Last year as Kevin entered hospice, Jodi started a Monday lunch with my 3rd grade son and 1st grade daughter, building such a bond and keeping in touch with both them and myself. Melissa was always there to pop in their rooms when I emailed that it was a bad morning. The day Kevin passed away they were both there with breakfast and dinner for my family and they were also at the funeral and calling hours. In the year since, they haven’t left our sides! They are the Dublin Difference!"
-Traci Arway on the Thomas staff 
"We moved our family, (4kids) from Erie PA to the Columbus area. We have moved twice in 90 days and my wife has someone managed to keep our family running smoothly and the whole time she has worked. She is new to the district, but I know how hard she works and what a fantastic addition she has been to the school district. I'm a little bias because she's my wife, but I think she is amazing and deserves the recognition. Thanks!"
-Dustyn Risner on Glacier Ridge Intervention Specialist Kristen Risner 
"I have served 3 years as Dublin Coffman Marching Band Hospitality Chair. We are responsible for feeing these 200+ kids several times during the Fall Season. I could not have done this over the years without the above-and-beyound help of Danny Wilson. Danny has the best attitude and is always willing to help; even if it means lugging 200 cases of water to the PTO closet! He sets up for us, cleans-up and tears down without complaint and is always readily present during our events. I am particularily impressed with Danny's work ethic and his kind personality. Danny is very positive and eager to make things as good as possible for the kids. Danny has helped me many times with booster work, which is not his job, that required physical labor. He is no stranger to hard work. I know I can call him at any time for for a request and he is happy to help. He truely loves the kids and serves them willingly. He is a unique employee and deserves to be recognized. Thank you Danny!"
-Lisa Cotter on Coffman head custodian Danny Wilson 
"Marsha drives out of Karrer Middle School, on bus #37. One of our students who rides bus #37 has special needs, and in the past has become emotionally upset when he is unable to find the bus due to a change in placement in the line up, a bus change or simply because he is rushing to get to his locker and out the door. At one point last year, the student even climbed on board the wrong bus, only to be found as the buses were leaving the building. Marsha took it upon herself to take action, and assist this child daily. She stands outside of the main entrance to the school, and physically waits for the student to exit the building. At that point, she escorts him to the bus, ensuring that he is delivered home safe and sound. Marsha goes above and beyond for our students, thank you!"
-Brooke Menduni on bus #37 driver Marsha McCall 
"The entire transportation department is deserving of recognition. From the caring and dedicated bus drivers, who every day show our students their dedication by making sure each and every student arrives safely to their destination, to the drivers who go out of their way to bring into our buildings lunches, phones and sports equipment left on their buses. The entire group of dispatchers who are always willing to work and help us with whatever problem we have, even sending buses back to pick up students who have no one to call and no way to get home. We are always thankful for this staff of professionals and are proud to call them coworkers."
-Davis Middle School on the DCS transportation department  
"Principal Schwartz has made such a big difference in Wyandot since she has arrived one and a half years ago. She is not one of those administrators sitting in her office doing paperwork all day, she is involved in everything. She welcomes our "kiddos" (that's how she lovingly calls our kids) to school every morning making sure drop off works fine, and sees them off home in the evening. One of her first actions was to revamp drop-off and pick-up with great success, making it so much safer for everyone. She is very approachable to parents and kids, always helpful, always the problem solver. Never happy to settle with mediocre, always looking for improvement, but never pushing or making students feel bad while doing so. Kids love her too. What kid looks forward to have lunch with the principal? Our kids do! At our school the principal is no longer the figure you are sent to when you do not behave in class (we had days like that) but she is the captain of the team, encouraging everyone, helping everyone, there for everyone. As parents we are beyond thrilled to have Mrs. Schwartz as our principal and feel that she played a big role in the recent Blue Ribbon recognition. Ever so humble, she credited her staff, us parents and the kids, but we feel that she deserves a lot of credit too."
-Irem Eryilmaz on Wyandot Prinicpal Renae Schwartz 
"Mrs. McGovern always presents the face of calm and efficiency whenever I have entered the building. She handles visitors and students with grace and charm and even provided a shoulder for this Mom to cry on. Michelle is the perfect person to be the first point of contact for Coffman. I can’t think of a more deserving staff person to be recognized."
-Lois Mahdi on Coffman secretary Michelle McGovern 
"Mrs. Sutherland is a model example of going beyond in her everyday life at Coffman. In the beginning of the school year I went through something very traumatizing and missed a lot of school. When I got back to school Mrs Sutherland was right beside me encouraging me, supporting me, and telling me things that I needed sometime to tell me. She always has been there for me and helps me through every obstacle no matter big or small that comes up and has really made a hige impact on my life by showing me that someone genuinely cares. It wasn't just this example that Mrs Sutherland has been there for me, but countless other occasions throughout my time at Dublin Coffman High School. I personally believe that there is no one else more deserving of recognition than Mrs Sutherland.
-Kaylie Stearns on Coffman guidance counselor Nicole Sutherland 
"This is my very first year working with Dan as an administrator. From the beginning, he maintains open lines of communication between himself and staff, as well as families. One thing that I believe Dan does exceptionally well at, is establishing positive relationships with parents. His demeanor in meetings and the way in which he interacts with parents and students is respectful, comforting when needed, and incredibly approachable/relatable. This is something that is crucial to effective communication. The number of students and families that he has impacted since beginning his career in 1988 is not something that I feel occurs very often. Dan goes above and beyond in all that he does."
-Denton Warburton on Scioto Assistant Principal Dan Morris

"Dan exemplifies the dublin difference through his selfless work with teachers and with students in the Scioto family. He has been a great mentor to a lot of young teachers and always gives time when we need him."
-Arby Jones on Scioto Assistant Principal Dan Morris
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