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Hound-Tastic Treats: The Dublin Barkery is a home-made dog treat business, run by students with different abilities within Dublin City Schools. It operates as an on-site, work study opportunity for students to practice employment and daily living skills, which will help prepare them for life after graduation. Currently, there are 10 Barkery job sites, including all of Dublin's four middle schools, three high schools, and three postsecondary programs.
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The Barkery Story

The LIFE Postsecondary Program began baking dog treats in the Fall of 2014. Students' pets and the school's Canine Companion dog, Rosa, enjoyed them. They became so popular that LIFE program decided to begin a small classroom business, to help fund program activities and teach functional job skills. Hound-tastic Treats, a Dublin Barkery, had its grand opening in Spring 2015, originally named Bow-Wow Barkery. Start-up funds were received as a grant from the Dublin Educators Association. Within the first month of business, Hound-tastic Treats sold more than 130 orders of dog treats, making profits three times their expenses. The barkery sold treats through advertisement to staff, parents and students. Hound-tastic Treats (Bow-Wow Barkery) was also featured in the Dublin Villager and on the front page of the business section of the Columbus Dispatch in Summer 2015. Due to the popularity of The Barkery and with help from a generous grant from the Adam Sturat Linhart Memorial Fund of The Columbus Foundation, this small classroom business has expanded to include 9 additional branches across the district.


Our homemade dog treats come in three delicious flavors:
  • Peanut Butter
  • Breath Mint Bones
  • Canine Honey Cakes
1 Bag of DOG BONES for $2.00.
Proceeds support health & wellness initiatives for students of Dublin School's postsecondary programs.

Contact Us

Joshua Graham
Intervention Specialist, LIFE 
Barkery Program Coordinator
(614) 718-8226 
Becky Haselberger
Intervention Specialist, PREP
Wellness Initiatives Coordinator
(614) 718-8235
Mark Eatherton
Postsecondary Program & WBA Coordinator
(614) 760-4551  
Student Services Coordinator
(614) 760-4332 
Lenore Cereghini
Student Services Coordinator
Grant Program Director 
(614) 760-4342 
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