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Students entering the Dublin Teacher Academy with the goal of becoming a teacher take this course during their junior or senior year in high school. This course introduces students to the teaching profession where they will focus on the following program goals: Standards-Based Education, Professionalization, Diversity, Democratic Issues/Social Justice, Curriculum and Instruction, Legal and Organizational Issues, Technology, Learning Environment, Assessment and Learning and Developmental Characteristics and other relevant topics. 


Each student will participate in four field experiences in early childhood, middle childhood, high school, and special needs classrooms for a total of at least 450 hours of instruction and observation. During class, students will reflect on these and other school experiences and create a Teaching Professions portfolio that addresses 24 educational issues and is assessed by mentor teachers, college partners, or administrators. Upon successful completion students will receive 3 high school credits as well as 2-4 semester hours of college credit if they score an 85 or higher on their Teaching Professions portfolio.  This credit is approved by higher education as CTAG credit at any Ohio public university.


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