Important Student Safety Message

Dear Parents,

Our hearts go out to the families of the Florida high school victims whose lives were tragically cut short by a senseless and incomprehensible act of violence. As a father and an educator, this is heartbreaking.

In Dublin City Schools, student safety is our top priority. We have many procedures and protocols in place to keep our students, staff and visitors as safe as possible in our buildings.

In 2008, through the passage of a construction bond issue, we altered the front entrances to each of our schools to funnel all visitor traffic immediately through our school offices. At that time, we also installed vehicle barriers and increased the number of security cameras at all of our schools.

All of our school employees have been trained in the ALICE technique (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) should an intruder come into any of our schools. We also conduct safety drills involving a variety of different scenarios. Please understand we do not regularly publicize the details of the safety plans we submit to the State of Ohio each year. When too much information is circulating on exactly what schools do to keep students safe, that can be detrimental to the effectiveness of these plans.

We are blessed in Dublin City Schools for many reasons, but one of these is our great relationship with the Dublin Police Department and the presence of seven School Resource Officers in our schools. These School Resource Officers primarily focus on our middle schools and high schools, but also rotate across our elementary schools.

I plan on meeting with our excellent Dublin Police Chief in the coming days to obtain his thoughts on how we can continue to enhance our current safety measures. We will continue to collaborate with the Dublin Police as we wrestle with the answer to the question, ‘what else can we do as a school community to help keep our kids as safe as possible?’.

Additionally, our administrative team will begin a safety audit as part of our ongoing efforts to keep our children safe at school.

Each time a school shooting takes place in our country, we must examine our attitudes and practices as not only an educational community, but as a society. The situation in Florida was horrific and at the same time, several potentially similar situations have been thwarted because of the courage of students who have notified either school authorities or the police of their concerns. This can also be true of any threats made through social media.

The concept of “See something/ “Say something” has worked well in many districts and is something we believe in strongly here in Dublin City Schools. We have an anonymous helpline where students and the public can report tips on any subject, including threats. These tips are all investigated in a very timely manner. The number of our tip line is 1-866-LISTEN-2-ME and is posted at the top of every District webpage. We are also researching an app for cell phones that could act as another way to report suspected danger. Finally, students can always report things they have seen or heard to a staff member.

It takes our entire community to keep our students safe. Please encourage your children that if they see something, whether in person or on social media, to say something.


Dr. Todd Hoadley
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