Meet Our Emerald Campus Staff

Emerald Campus Administration and Support Staff
Mrs. Kristy Venne - Program Director, Career Academies:  614.760.4978
Mr. Mark Eatherton - Bridge & PATHS Coordinator:  614.760.4551
Dr. Julie Blevins - Coordinator of International Baccalaureate (IB) and College Credit Plus (CCP): 614.760.4580 
Mrs. Tami Arnold - Building Administrative Secretary:  614.760.4970
Mrs. Carol Jacobsen - Administrative Support Specialist:  614.760.4414
Mrs.  Heather Asch - Clinic Aide:  614.718.6084
Academy Programs 
Biomedical Academy
Mr. Mike Castiglione - Instructor:  614.760.4415
Mr. Roger Rabold - Instructor:  614.718.8431
Mr. Drew Jones - Instructor:  614.760.6133
Dublin Business Academy (DBA)
Mrs. Chelsea Burns - Instructor:  614.718.8255
Mr. Bill Rower - Instructor: 
Dublin Engineering Academy 
Mr. Chad Ellis - Instructor
Mr. Greg King - Instructor:  614.718.8213
Dublin Teachers' Academy (DTA) 
Mrs. Kristi Andrews - Instructor:  614.718.8358
IT Cisco Academy
Mr. Scott Sweet - Instructor:  614.760.4538   
IT Programing Academy
Mr. Donte Jones - Instructor:  614.760.4386
Sports Medicine and Performance Academy (SMPA)
Mr. Doug Arden - Science Teacher/Coordinator
Mr. Aaron McKenzie - Science Teacher/Coordinator
Start-Up Academy
Mr. Dan Sansuchat - Business Teacher/Coordinator
Mr. Brian Stier - Business Teacher/Coordinator
Young Professionals' Academy (YPA) 
Mrs. Hollys Hall - Coordinator:  614.718.8349
Mr. Mark Mousa - Coordinator:  614.718.8996
Mr. Drew Jones - Coordinator:  614.760.6133 
Alternative Programs 
The Bridge Program
Mr. Mark Eatherton - Bridge & PATHS Coordinator:  614.760.4551 
Mrs. Lani Best - Intervention Specialist:  614.760.4552
Mrs. Kim Opplinger - Student Support Specialist:  614.760.4555 
Mr. Mike Risner - Intervention Specialist:  614.760.4553 
Mr. Ryan Walton - Science Teacher:  614.760.4554 
Mrs. Carly George - Substance-Use Counselor 
The PATHS Program
Mr. Chad Boone - Paraprofessional:  614.760.6861
Mrs. Jennifer Earley - Job Coach, paraprofessional:  614.760.6200
Ms. Beth Gehle - Paraprofessional:  614.760.6873
Mr. Josh Graham - Intervention Specialist:  614.718.8226
Mrs. Becky Haselberger - Intervention Specialist:  614.718.8235
Mr. John Kelley - Paraprofessional:  614.760.4424
Mrs. Molly McGovern - Paraprofessional:  614.760.6882
Mrs. Diane Page - Paraprofessional:  614.760.6728
Mrs. Cheryl Shumaker - Job Coach, paraprofessional:  614.760.6200
Mrs. Katie Sochor - Intervention Specialist:  614.760.6200
Mrs. Beth Veregge - Paraprofessional:  614.760.6868
Mrs. Michele Louk - Speech Language Pathologist
Mrs. Karen Monfort - OT/Assistive Tehnologist
Mrs. Erin Canaday - Transition Coordinator
Mrs. Kristen Yearling - Transition Coordinator
Mrs. Kelly Tacy Marshall - Transition Coordinator 
Columbus State College Credit Plus Program 
Mr. Eric Anderson - College Compostion:  614.718.8360
Mrs. Mary Eicher - College Composition:  614.718.8386
Mr. Dave Stroh - CCP Math 
Mrs. Trisha Wolfe - Introduction to Psychology
 International Baccalaureate Programme
IB Arts 
Mr. Micah Abrams - Music Teacher:
IB English 
Mrs. Magen Beatty - English Teacher
Mr. Tim Flora - English Teacher
Mrs. Tara Rogers - English Teacher
IB Math
Mr. Matthew Burton - Math Teacher
Mr. Troy Dramble  - Math Teacher
Mr. Kenny Schuster - Math Teacher
Mr. Chris Shilling - Math Teacher
Mr. Dave Stroh - Math Teacher
IB Science
Mr. Doug Arden - Science Teacher
Mr. Jim DiGiacomo - Science Teacher
Mr. Aaron McKenzie - Science Teacher
Mr. Doug Tima - Science Teacher
Mrs. Sondra Snodgrass - Science Teacher
IB Social Studies
Mr. Kyle Sherman - Social Studies Teacher
Mr. Jon Kent - Social Studies Teacher
Mr. Tom Turner - Social Studies Teacher
Mrs. Darla Heuschel - Social Studies Teacher
IB Start-Up Academy
Mr. Dan Sansuchat  - Business Teacher
Mr. Brian Stier - Business Teacher
IB Visual Arts
Mrs. Sarah Rothwell - Art Teacher
IB World Language 
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