Special Education

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All students can learn.  Parents and teachers are valuable team members in the development of educational plans for their children.  Each student with disabilities should be educated to the maximum extent possible in his/her home school.  Students with disabilities should, to the maximum extent possible, be educated with students who are not disabled.  Each school should have staff that works as a team to meet the needs of the students being educated there.  Intervention services are an important aspect in the continuum that needs to be addressed prior to referral for special education services.  Building cross-categorical intervention specialists can offer more home school opportunities and meet the individual needs of students with disabilities.  Students with disabilities will be offered a continuum of services.  It is essential for collaboration to occur between regular education teachers and the intervention specialists.  Staff development is crucial to meeting student needs and staying current with the latest information and initiatives.  A variety of experiences will be provided to insure the continued development of our staff.  Technology should be incorporated into the curriculum, through universal design procedures, to maximize opportunities for students with disabilities to reach high standards.  The performance and needs of all students should be considered when statewide or district-wide assessments are required for the development of educational programs.
Early Childhood Program
Vanessa Ohlinger
Student Services Coordinator
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