Shannon Price

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Welcome to second grade!  We have such fun learning together every day!  Second grade is just GREat!

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 Be sure to visit our Bloomz page to find out what is happening in our classroom!

Our Classroom Links!

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Research Tools 
Destiny (check to see what books are in the GRE library!) 
Animal Fact Guide (learn about all different types of animals!) 
DK Find Out! (search all different types of information)
BookFlix (you need to be using the nonfiction texts) 
Kiddle (safe search engine) 
KidzSearch (safe search engine) 
Math Activities
Math Learning Center (online tools)- be sure to click on Open Web App! 
Shark Math (place value game)
Math Memory Match (place value game) 
Base 10 BINGO (place value game)  
Base 10 Fun (place value game) 
Time Travel (Telling time game) 
Math Facts Basketball (practicing math facts) 
Milk It!  (putting a 100's chart together) 
Reading Activities
Pebble Go (online nonfiction reading) 
Epic Books (online reading) 
Word Study Activities
Free Rice Vocabulary (A great game with a bonus: the United Nations World Food Programme donates rice to countries in need for each correct answer!)
Science and Social Studies Activities 
Dress for the Weather (seasons and weather) 
 Problem Solving Activities
Seesaw (online activities) 
View text-based website