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Hello from Scottish Corners,

            In math this week, we worked more with place value.  The first assessment for this topic was given and returned to the kids.  It should be in your child’s binder.  It’s hole-pinched to stay in the rings.  We are now working with comparing numbers through the millions place.  That assessment will be given early next week. Then, we will look at rounding numbers and understanding that moving a digit one place to the left makes it ten times greater.

            We wrapped up our reading/learning about early groups settling in Ohio, and the kids are creating Google slideshows about the groups.  After a few more days of work time, they will present their slideshows with the class.  We hope to have this wrapped up by the end of next week!  Your child can access this work via his/her Google account, so he/she can show you at home.

            Language arts students are hard at work reading and writing. We are crafting small moment story collections and working on creative quick-writes. Students publish the stories they are most proud of. Readers are enjoying homeroom read alouds--my homeroom is discussing The City of Ember. Ask about it at home!  Readers are sharing independent choices with each other and me. Our word focus is adding prefixes-suffixes to root words.  Thanks for supporting your child as a reader and writer at home!

            Have a great weekend!

            Allison and Chris


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