Welcome to Team Wyvern

Welcome to Team Wyvern 2015827204357876_image.png
Mrs. Samms and Mr. Keefer love working with our 5th grade students. 
This website will not be updated very often (except for the embedded class Twitter feed to the right and Homework).
You can also find Team Wyvern online in these places:
Our class Instagram (click here): You can follow us by searching teamwyvern1 on the Instagram app. We will use this to post daily pics/short videos. Also all Instagram posts will be in our class Twitter Feed and Class Blog.
Our class Twitter feed (click here or use the feed to the right): You can also follow us with you own Twitter account by searching TeamWyvern1 on Twitter. Besides the syncing with our class Instagram, we will also use our class twitter account to connect with other classes and authors.
Our Class Blog (click here): This site will be synced to our class Instagram account, but occasionally we might post longer posts written by students that would not appear on our class Instagram.
"3, 2, 1 Books": Our Class Video Book Review Podcasts (click here)
Note: Do not feel the need to follow all of the above services to get updates on our class. Chose the service that you think best meets your needs as a parent. Mrs. Samms and Mr. Keefer will not be using Instagram, Twitter or our Class Blog for direct communication with families (like weekly newsletters or conference sign-ups). We will use email to share this kind of information. We use Instagram, Twitter and a Class Blog to help give families a glimpse of our day to day classroom activities, model positive social media use and give our students the opportunity to share their learning with a bigger audience.
Lois Samms and Tony Keefer

FYI: By the second or third week of school, a student acting as a daily reporter, will take over most of the posting to our Class Blog, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Nearly all the information will be the same across all three 'services.' We cross post so that you can use whatever tool you think is best for you to keep up with day-to-day happenings in our rooms.

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