Safety and Security

The safety and security of our students is our number one priority. On Nov. 5, Election Day, Dublin City Schools will not be in session in order to provide our staff with student safety training. Please mark your calendars accordingly. This will mark the third consecutive year the District has taken a day off school to provide safety training as we also took a day off school last year to bring in a special speaker and deliver student safety training to staff.

We are blessed to have a great relationship with first responders in our community that include the Dublin Police Department, the Washington Township Fire Department and the Concord Township Fire Department. We work closely with them in formulating the safety plan we must submit to the state each year. 

We believe in continuous improvement to keep our students safe. Some of our most recent safety improvements include installing shatter resistant glass material at all of our schools and increasing additional video surveillance equipment, the installation of cameras on our buses and more, and the development of School Threat Assessment Teams. We currently have 7 School Resource Officers assigned to our schools.  Cameras are installed on every school bus in the district, teachers have been trained in safety procedures and emergency response, and continual audits take place at every school building to improve safety.  Some examples include increased lighting, adding security cameras to certain areas, improved landscaping to increase visibility and an emphasis on adult awareness of the physical surroundings.  Staff are also given permission and encouraged to question those who are near our schools without obvious purpose.  We have learned that an alert, aware and prudent staff and community is the most effective method of keeping our students safe.  

We have also increased student mental health personnel this school year, adding two social workers, three guidance counselors and one substance abuse counselor. This spring, we will again be partnering with Hilliard Schools for our Be Well event, focusing on student mental health.

We continue to ask students, staff, parents, and community members, if you see something, say something. Information can be reported anonymously online at or by calling 1-866-LISTEN-2-ME 365 days per year, 24 hours per day. 

On the web page below, we have some additional information regarding safety terminology and communication. 


Todd F. Hoadley, Ph.D. Superintendent

Emergency Communication

In the event of an emergency, school closing or delay, the District will communicate to the public promptly and through a variety of channels.
These may include:
-Social media
-DCS mobile app notifications
-Phone calls/text messages
-Website updates
-Local television and radio stations
We must all work together to keep our students safe. You can report anything anonymously (bullying, sexual harassment, mental health issues, etc) that threatens student safety on the District website at this link, through the mobile app or by calling our 24/7 hotline number: 1-866-LISTEN-2-ME
During the school year, information regarding student safety will be sent out periodically.
We hope you have a safe and enjoyable 2019-20 school year.

Glossary of Safety Terms

Emergency Plans
As stated above, Dublin City Schools works with local first responders to prepare emergency plans that are filed with the State of Ohio. Below are some commonly used safety terms:

Shelter In Place
Shelter In Place is a term used to seek safety within the building one already occupies, rather than to evacuate the area.  Many times schools use a Shelter in Place for various reasons, some related to safety and others not.  For example, there may be a time when a student needs to be isolated for a health issue.  A principal may call a temporary Shelter in Place until that student’s needs can be addressed.

A lockdown is an emergency protocol that usually prevents people from leaving an area. The Principal or the Assistant Principal may initiate a Lockdown.  Lockdowns are initiated to protect people inside a facility from a threat or other external event.  All exterior doors are always locked, in addition, during a lockdown, all internal doors are locked and the occupants remain inside.  Often times, sections of the school are quartered off if possible to further restrict movement within the building.  At the end of the Lockdown, when the environment has been determined to be safe, the Principal or Assistant Principal unlocks the doors individually throughout the building.

An Evacuation takes place when there is a safety threat inside the building.  An evacuation is similar to a fire drill with one exception, students are instructed to gather at one specific location upon exiting. This location may be a local church, Rec Center, park or other area away from the threat.  The goal of an evacuation is to exit the building as quickly as possible through any exit to avoid the threat that is inside.

Reverse Evacuation into Lockdown
A Reverse Evacuation into Lockdown takes place when students are outside and there is a threat.  Students are quickly called into the school and go immediately into lockdown in their classrooms or the nearest safe room.

Safety Training Day

Importance of Mental Health at DCS

Report Bullying with Our Mobile App

Safety and Security Items for 2019-20

•   Adding three S3s (Student Support Specialists - A school social work license is needed)   Additional mental health support
•   Annual School Safety Day - On election day (full day of training)
•   Increased our functionality of Public School Works hotline (include an app)
•   Installed shatter resistant film in all 20 of our buildings
•   Increased our visitor admittance protocol (utilizing our buzzer system)
•   Establishment of Threat Assessment Teams, and training for our administrative teams on its development via NASRO
•   Updated Emergency Operating Plans with ODE
•   Entire fleet of busses had new cameras installed with audio
•   All District cameras are operable and being monitored/adding additional cameras
•   We will pilot a program on arming exterior doors with sensors to alert administration when a door is opened
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