SAT Suite of Assessment FAQs

What are the benefits of administering the SAT Suite of Assessments instead of the ACT?

There are several benefits the SAT Suite of Assessments has to offer including:  

  • More detailed family and student-friendly score reports

  • Personalized follow-up plan identifying skill gaps that need improvement

  • Free intervention lessons and thousands of practice items tailored specifically to students’ strengths and weaknesses through Khan Academy

  • 8 full length practice SATs through Khan Academy

  • Full release of April School Day SAT with questions and scoring justifications

  • PSAT (8/9 & NMSQT) preparation exams directly align to the SAT

  • District item analysis data provides insight on strengths and weaknesses in our curriculum and instruction

  • AP predictor data showing students that have the potential to be successful in AP courses

  • Ability for students to opt into a scholarship search opportunity which awarded over $180 million in scholarships last year

  • Exclusive, interactive college and career resources for students through Road Trip Nation

  • Free app that allows students to print practice assessments, take pictures of their completed practice tests, and send them for immediate scoring that can be linked to their Khan Academy account

Is the SAT harder than the ACT?

The age old belief that the SAT is harder than the ACT is one that has been addressed and changed by the redesign of the assessments. Some examples of the benefits of the redesign are:

  • Students who have taken the old and new SAT prefer the new format by 6 to 1 and 75% of the students said it was the same or easier than they expected

  • Elimination of questions that assess obscure vocabulary words

  • Elimination of the penalty for guessing

  • Making the essay portion optional

  • More student-friendly language

  • Decrease from five answer choices to four

  • More time available for completion

  • Questions are more aligned to Dublin’s curriculum including higher level thinking, reasoning, and integrated real-world learning situations

Can a student use SAT scores to get into their college of choice or is the SAT only acceptable for out-of-state schools?

Yes. SAT scores are accepted at any college or university across the country, including all schools in Ohio.  You do not need to be attending an out-of-state school for the scores to be important and valid.

How long does it take to get scores back?

  • PSAT – 7 weeks

  • SAT – 2 to 6 weeks

Is there a penalty for guessing on the SAT?

No, students are not penalized for guessing on the SAT.

How many questions are on the SAT and how long is each part?

Test Section

Testing Time

# of Questions


65 minutes

52 questions

Writing and Language

35 minutes

44 questions


80 minutes

58 questions

The SAT offers an average of 70 seconds per question and ACT offers an average of 49 seconds per question

How can students prepare for the SAT?

  • Personalized learning plan through Khan Academy (

  • 8 official SAT practice tests available in Khan Academy

  • By accessing the official SAT Student Guide

  • By taking the most rigorous coursework appropriate for them

What Dublin students will participate in Collegeboard assessments?

Dublin City Schools is dedicated to providing a consistent suite of college and career ready assessments.

  • PSAT 8/9-all 8th grade students will be administered this assessment at the district cost

  • PSAT-all 9th and 10th grade students will have the opportunity to sign up for the PSAT at a small cost

  • PSAT/NMSQT-all 11th grade students will be administered this assessment at the district cost

How can the free resources provided through Khan Academy support students and impact future scores?

Research has shown...

  • 20 hours spent practicing for the SAT on Khan Academy accounts for an average score increase of 115 points

  • 6 hours spent practicing for the SAT on Khan Academy accounts for an average score increase of 90 points

  • Out of 250,000 test takers, more than 16,000 students who studied using Khan resources gained 200 points or more between the PSAT/NMSQT and the SAT administration.

Can my student still take the ACT?

Yes.  Dublin will continue to offer the ACT on select national test dates as we have in the past.

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