What is Race to the Top?

Embedded Image for: What is Race to the Top? (RttT_final_Sm_75px2.png) Race to the Top (RttT) is a U.S. Department of Education grant for states seeking funding to reform education.  It rewards eligible states for their accomplishments, and creates incentives for future improvement in four areas:

- adopting rigorous standards and assessments,

- recruiting and retaining high quality teachers,

- turning around low-performing schools, and

- establishing data systems to track student achievement and teacher effectiveness.

Information on Dublin City Schools' RttT Work

Dublin City Schools has a long history of supporting students and teachers to achieve the district goals of Excellence and Equity. To that end, the district has been working to fulfill its commitment toward providing a high quality educational experience for all students. This work has focused on providing rigorous content through quality classroom instruction, utilizing data and assessments to support student learning, and providing high quality professional development to support great teachers and leaders. 

The following areas represent the district work toward the Excellence and Equity Goals that have been supported through the RttT grant. 

•   Standards & Assessment: The preK-12 curriculum is transitioning to align with new content standards in mathematics and language arts (Common Core) and in science and social studies (Ohio). By 2014-15, a new state assessment system will be in place following the PARCC model. 

•   Using Data to Improve Instruction: Dublin City School’s staff has been utilizing data to inform instruction within the classroom and meet individual student needs. Teachers have access to student and classroom data from a variety of sources and are focusing on practices that increase student learning.

•   Great Teachers and Leaders: The district has revised its mentoring program for new teachers to meet the State of Ohio’s Resident Educator Program criteria. The teacher and principal evaluation that was aligned to the Ohio educator standards is being revised to incorporate the new criteria of the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System and the Ohio Principal Evaluation System. 

Dublin's Race to the Top Transformational Team:

Dr. David Axner, Superintendent
Jill Abraham, Director of Elementary Education
Rick Bailey, Executive Director of Human Resources
Jaclyn Baumann, Teacher
George Erwin, Teacher
Janet Gillig, Executive Director of Student Services
Kevin Griffin, Dublin Educators Association (DEA) President
Tracey Guerin, Teacher
Craig Heath, Director of Data, Assessment and Program Evaluation
Kevin Levine, Teacher
Jason Saiter, Teacher
Eydie Schilling, Executive Director of Learning and Teaching

If you have any questions about Dublin's Race to the Top work or would like more information, please contact Eydie Schilling.
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