Peggy Hardy

Hello Families!

It's time to celebrate the completion of another successful school year!  Your students worked hard and it showed in their improved reading levels, MAP scores, and OELPA scores.
Now it is time to enjoy family time and involve your children in some rich, cultural experiences.  Go to the zoo, the art museum (free on Sundays!), COSI, Metro Parks, the Dublin Library, etc.  The possibilities are endless and often free!
All ELL students still have access to their Raz Kids accounts.  You can see the sign on information on the attached website list.  The important thing is that your children KEEP READING over the summer.  Make it interesting and take them outside to read.  Sit on a blanket under a tree, or read during "rest time" at the pool. 
I am very proud of the ELL students who scored "Proficient" on their OELPA, and I look forward to working with those who need continued support.
If you have any trouble logging on to your child's Raz Kids account, please email me.  I will check my school email weekly. 
Mrs. Hardy, ELL 
  • Website List A list of websites students can explore for English and reading practice.
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