Welcome to Dublin City Schools Parent University!

In a large and dynamic school district such as Dublin City Schools, it can be difficult for parents to learn about all of the different academic and extracurricular opportunities available for their students. The goal of establishing a Dublin City Schools Parent University is to provide a vehicle that increases awareness regarding all of the programs the District has to offer, as well as some of the challenges and opportunities facing public education.  
Please watch the Parent University calendar below for information and details about upcoming sessions and events. Locate your event on the calendar and click on it to see details, locations and more. 
Parent University will offer a year-round schedule of informational sessions focused on providing information parents need about Dublin City Schools, student well-being, District growth, finances, and much more!
Our kick-off event on Feb. 11 2017 was extremely successful, with over 600 participants and over 60 sessions offered. A big thank you to everyone who helped with the event and to all of attendees!

Photos from the Feb. 11 Kick-Off Event

About the Dublin City Schools Parent University Logo

Scioto Senior Wins Parent University Logo Contest

Scioto Senior Wins Parent University Logo Contest

Akash Sharma, senior at Scioto, created the winning logo design for Parent University! More +
Coffman Junior Takes 2nd Place in Logo Contest

Coffman Junior Takes 2nd Place in Logo Contest

Joelle Odoguardi took 2nd place in the Parent University logo contest! More +

What People Are Saying

"I enjoyed getting to meet teachers I don't always interact with and gaining a deeper understanding of several topics. I liked that the sessions dealt with topics that are very relevant to our children and was amazed at the wide variety of sessions and topics offered. There seemed to be something for everyone."
"It was a great learning opportunity. I found out lots of valuable information and tips about a number of different topics."
"I enjoyed understanding the actual classroom teaching methods being applied to encourage a greater depth of thinking and individualizing learning for each student's abilities and needs." 
"I learned so much practical knowledge. Times are so different from when I was in highschool. I loved learning about the technology and the opportunities offered" 
"I came to know about the opportunities providing by dublin schools to students during their high school and the pathway for future interests." 
"I loved the session on College Credit Plus. I was completely unfamiliar with the process and was quite informed after the program."
"The entire program was outstanding. The presenters were excellent and incredibly informative. Very impressed w DCS." 
"I love being in the school where one of my daughters attends so I can see the classrooms and remember what it's like for them each day." 
"I enjoyed the Innovation panel and slow looking sessions. They helped me understand a bit more of what's going on in the classrooms/schools." 
"Enjoyed seeing the district from a "global" perspective instead of individual buildings. You see how all of the various services and programs function around the district." 
"It gave an excellent view into the classroom today and I was able to see how lessons are executed & the thought process behind teaching styles today." 
"Excellent continuing education at no cost and at a convenient day/time. Everything was excellent." 
"I liked that in all the sessions I attended were hands on. It was not just someone lecturing. We experienced our children's learning experience. In math workshop we actually did a math problem and went through the steps our children do."
"I loved the high level of professionalism and the high quality of the information provided. I did not feel like my time was wasted or that I was being talked down to." 
"Thank you for providing these venues for parents and addressing such relevant issues." 
"My experience, for the most part, was really terrific. I'll be sure to attend other classes as they come up. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in the planning and execution. Well done." 
"This was a great event. As a parent to an only child I appreciate having the opportunity to get a better understanding of things to come as my child matriculates through middle school and on to high school. I look forward to attending again to catch the sessions I was not able to attend. Thank you!" 
"Great program overall. Kudos to whoever came up with the idea."
"This is a great idea and I look forward to taking more sessions." 
"We really like this Parent University Concept. Now we parents can also gain knowledge and educate us and then help and improve learning for our kids for their success." 
"Great Job. It was truly an example of the Dublin Difference." 
"Thank you to everyone who made it possible... I was so impressed & grateful that my children are part of a district that spends such time & energy preparing them for the future!" 
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