Dublin City Schools Hall of Fame

  • The Dublin City Schools Alumni Association celebrates the accomplishments of outstanding alumni or community members each year. Three awards are presented at the annual Hall of Fame event. The selection committee for these awards consists of administrators and members of the Dublin City Schools Alumni Association Board.

About the Awards

  • Distinguished Alumni Award

    • This award recognizes the professional achievement, leadership or outstanding personal accomplishment of an alum.
    • Criteria: Nominees must have graduated more than 15 years prior. 

    Young Alumni Achievement Award

    • This award recognizes young alums for outstanding post-secondary academic achievement, professional achievement, or leadership.
    • Criteria: Nominees must have graduated no more than 15 years prior.

    Outstanding Service Award

    • This award recognizes any alum or individual that has made a significant impact through volunteer service or philanthropic works.
    • Criteria: Nominees do not need to be an alum of Dublin City Schools, but must be at least 18 years of age. 

    *Please note these awards celebrate different accomplishments than the awards of the high school athletic hall of fames.

    For questions regarding the Hall of Fame awards, please contact alumnidirector@dublinschools.net.

The Awards

  • There are three award categories for the Dublin City Schools Hall of Fame

    • Distinguished Alumni
    • Young Alumni Achievement
    • Outstanding Service

    You can see more about each award below.

Additional Information

  • *Please note: those who have been previously inducted into the Dublin City Schools Hall of Fame are not egligible for these awards. To see a list of past inductees, click here.

    *Current staff members are not eligible for these awards. For more information regarding how current staff members are recognized, please check out our Golden Shamrock program.