Our Experiential Learning Academies

  • An opportunity available to Dublin City School students at the Dublin Emerald Campus is the academies.  Each offers students a chance to explore areas of interest and evaluate viable paths to a potential career. These opportunities aim to help students explore their interests beyond the traditional classroom. 

    • The academies are open to all Dublin City School students on the Emerald Campus.
    • They are each 2-periods in length and offered at various times throughout the day depending on students' requests.
    • There is no application process to enroll in the academies.
    • Free transportation is provided between the home schools and the Emerald Campus.
    • Interested students should consult with their school counselor for more details.
    Select the academy option below to learn more information about each offering as well as visit the College and Career Readiness Handbook under Pathways and Academies.