Sells Counseling Office

  • Counselors

    Erin Bissell - School Counselor for Last Names A - F

    Phone: 614-760-6937

    Jessica Lanka - School Counselor for Last Names G - N

    Phone: 614-718-8586

    Dawn Wolf - School Counselor for Last Names O - Z 

    Phone: 614-718-8573

    Stephanie Max - Guidance Secretary

    Phone:  614-718-8563

    It is our privilege to work with the students at Sells middle school.  Each counselor continues with the same group of students beginning in 6th grade until they are finished with 8th grade.  Our services include classroom guidance, small groups, individual counseling, and parent consultation.  We also work as part of the school team to ensure academic and social/behavior success for all students.  We will provide support and guidance as part of the team.  If you would like to talk with your student's counselor, please call or email.

    School Counselor Confidentiality Statement

    As professional school counselors, our goal is to maintain strict confidentiality with students and parents at Sells Middle School. All meetings held with the school counselors will remain confidential unless the student or parent gives permission to share information with related parties. However, circumstances do arise when we must disclose information to appropriate professionals based on Ohio State Law and Dublin City Schools District Policy. Reasons for breaking confidentiality include the following: student in danger of harming self, student in danger of harming others, or student in danger of being harmed by others. This information will be reported to building administration in accordance with school policy.


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