Mission Statement

    Dublin Jerome High School intends to recognize graduates, faculty, and community members who have made exemplary achievements and/or contributions in our school, our community, or in society in general.


    Individuals who receive a nomination must fulfill some of the following criteria:

    • Removed from DJHS for 5 years for graduates (faculty and community members do not require a minimum 5-year absence)
    • Distinguished military service/career
    • Leadership in their profession
    • Outstanding contribution to their profession
    • Outstanding contribution to their community
    • Outstanding contribution to DJHS and/or Dublin City Schools


    Those nominated must have had a DJHS Hall of Fame Application (see below) submitted to the selection committee by November 15th (each year). After reviewing the application, the Hall of Fame Committee members will vote to determine if nomination will be accepted, and the individual inducted into the HoF. A majority vote is required for acceptance. The number of nominations will be limited to a maximum of 5 per year (an exception may be made due to extenuating circumstances). Nominees not selected initially will have their application reconsidered the following year.

    Selection Committee Members 

    • Mr. Mike Aurin – Principal
    • Mr. Joe Bline – Athletic Director
    • Mr. Patrick Murphy – Faculty Member (Social Studies), Chairman of DJHS Hall of Fame Committee
    • Mr. Randy Slack – Faculty Member (World Language)
    • Mr. Nathan Maust – Faculty Member (Athletics)
    • Mr. Matthew Martin – Former Faculty Member (Social Studies)
    • Mr. Fred Seely – Former Faculty Member (Mathematics)

    CLICK HERE to open the nomination form in a new window, or fill it out below.